Henry! I put your tent to the test last summer hiking 270 miles over 20 days on the John Muir Trail. I couldn't be happier with this piece of perfection. My buddy brought along his Notch and is also incredibly happy. When I was hiking I took video every mile of the way, cut each mile into 1 second clips, and compiled that into an 8 minute video that documents the entire 270 miles of hiking. I thought I'd share with you since it features your awesome tents in several scenes. I hope you enjoy.

Keep up the awesome work!


just want to say THANK YOU for an incredible tent! My notch kept me safe and warm through my AT thru hike, absolutely loved every night in it, except when it fell over in SNP and I got deluged in rain, but that was my fault 🙂 🙂 incredible products and thank you so much! SUPER AWESOME GNARLY 7 OUT OF 5 STARS



I'm officially a thru-hiker now! Finished the AT earlier this week. First and foremost let me say thanks for your help and your great product - the Protrail, My Protrail stood up to some mighty heavy winds, heavy rain, and even a tiny bit of snow. I drove my tent stakes into some rocky ground and only marginally bent one stake (which is still usable). Overall I was very happy with with it and look forward to using it again in the future.

Best Regards,


I ordered a tent from Tarptent and my wife and I were not 100% satisfied it met our needs. Called and spoke with Henry Shires and he graciously told me to send it back for a refund. I inquired about other tents and Henry guided me to the Saddle 2. Tarptent staff then seam sealed and shipped it the same day! Our trip was the following Friday and we received our Saddle 2 on Thursday! Thank you Tarptent! You guys are the best! We used the Saddle 2 on our 4 day 3 night trip to Dolly Sods, WV. Apparently the wettest place on earth! First night we were in a hard downpour for an hour. Saddle kept us dry and as my wife put it “snuggie.” The second night it was foggy, a 20 foot fog, AND it rained all night. There was some condensation but any tent would have some in those conditions. The venting system on the Saddle 2 is remarkable and it kept us warm and dry. Thanks to Henry for suggesting we get the partial solid sides! It was a great addition as the temperatures dipped into the 40’s and the side helped keep us warm. The third night it finally cleared up in the afternoon and we had our first sunny partial day and clear night! We camped on a high plateau overlooking a valley about 400 feet below. As we sat eating our dinner in the dimming light we could see the fog beginning to form in the valley. By 9 pm our plateau was submerged in fog. You could look up into the sky and see stars but looking at the tree near us 10 feet from the tent it was difficult to make it out. The Saddle 2 again did its job and kept us dry and warm. Thank you Tarptent for making such lightweight and remarkably weatherproof tents! The craftsmanship on these tents is unparalleled and the customer service is exceptional! I will be purchasing a one person tent in the near future for solo trips and Tarptent is my only choice!

Bill Ketner

The 26 oz, all-in-one, waterproof shelter stands out on a few levels. The price point is exceptional, especially considering that it's American made. And compared to other ultralight shelters, pitching the ProTrail is as easy as any staked setup we've used.

For traveling by bike, the ProTrail is a brilliant option as it packs down to near nothing. I was able to fit the entire setup into one side of my Porcelain Rocketpartial frame pack.

Patrick Murphy GearJunkie

I have owned my Tarptent Double Rainbow (DR) for four years. It’s seen it all- wind, snow, rain (total downpours), heat, and uneven or “unfriendly” ground for pitching. Last summer, I used it to train for and hike the Oregon section of the Pacific Crest Trail. This tent is a workhorse. It withstands everything you throw at it, and it looks nice in the field… when you can see it. One of the things I love best about the DR is its color and ability to blend into its surroundings. This makes the DR great for stealth camping, something I appreciate as a solo female hiker.

That said, when recently building a backpacking kit to keep at my cabin in Montana, I thought it would be fun to try some different gear that’s currently on the market. One new thing I bought was the Copper Spur UL2 Platinum Tent by Big Agnes for $599. I was curious and excited to see what a $600 tent bought. As it turned out, not much. Upon opening the box, the first thing I noticed was how the Big Agnes, although comparable to the DR in size, was not nearly as compact. It was considerably bulkier and I knew it would take up much more space in my backpack. Remember- this came straight from the factory too. I could only imagine how bulky it’d be once I started packing it! I also noticed right away the material used to construct the tent. It seemed extremely delicate compared to the DR. It was not hard to imagine how easy it would be to rip. This is coming from a person who is very careful with her gear too. Already I was beginning to rethink my decision about not buying the DR, but I decided to pitch the Big Agnes in my living room anyway. Setting it up wasn’t too bad, but without the fly on the tent, you have ZERO privacy. There is nowhere to hide to change clothes, take a sponge bath, or even just lie on your sleeping bag and read. Also, the fly takes a little time to put on, and I was imagining how wet this tent would get when pitching it in the rain. I live in a rainy climate, so this was a major concern. I’ve pitched my DR in the pouring rain many times and am always impressed with how dry the inside remains. At this point, I knew I was packing the $600 tent back up to return to REI and re-ordering the $289 DR instead, but still, I climbed inside to see what the living space was like. Decent enough; however, the zippers were a giant pain. They repeatedly got stuck in the fabric and didn’t close completely. I was imagining being on a long distance hike and having to deal with this every time I opened and closed my tent. No thanks. In all the times I’ve zipped and unzipped my DR, I’ve never once had a problem. I also didn’t like that they didn’t close completely. Bug season anyone? So, back in the bag and back to REI the $600 tent went. I promptly ordered my DR and when it arrived the other day, I was so happy knowing one of the most important pieces of gear in my backpack is also one of my most trusted- and that’s the Tarptent Double Rainbow. Honestly, I don’t think there is a better two-person tent on the market- and Tarptent’s customer service is the best.

Lisa Goyne

Hi Tarptent - Just wanted to let you know that the MoTrail performed flawlessly on my AT thru hike this year. I slept in it well over 100 out of 150 nights on the trail and could not have been happier. It held up in all weather conditions and I never once got wet during rainstorms. It even stayed stable in 60+ mph wind gusts. On clear nights, I loved having the option to tie back all the flaps and have the feeling of sleeping under a tarp while staying safe from mosquitoes.

A lot of other hikers were intrigued by your design and I expect this tent to become extremely popular in the next few years on the trail.

Thanks again!


Patagonia WINDS & rain vs. the Notch---Winner: the Notch

THANK YOU! Got hit with must have been 60 mph gusts (the guy lines were buzzing!). Everyone was piling rocks on top of their stakes. Me too even with 8" stakes. Used 2 extra side lines off the handy top hooks. Maybe didn't need them, but I wasn't taking any chances. No problem for the Notch. This was followed by 2.5 days of torrential rain. Ironically I was offered a large octagon tent by worried, kind Refugio rangers, which I tried, until I saw it was leaking and I hastily went back to my Notch which kept me dry and helped dry out some of my wet gear. Because of the Notch's light weight and it's ability to keep my down bag & coat dry, I was able to do the "O" trek (12 days for me). Good job on that tent design.

I don't usually write any reviews but I was very happy with the tent and it just doesn't look as impressive as it actually is. People who really need something light like me with bad knees, need to know about your tents. --and you can add that to the mix tt-item too :)

Jill Sazanami

Hey there!

Just got back from a 2 week trip in the Pecos wilderness, NM. We got hit by some WEATHER… in the form of epic thunderstorms and torrential rain. We were at high elevation and it was cold. It was myself, my dog, and 2 kiddos ages 10 & 12. If we had gotten wet it could have been serious. I cannot say enough about the Tarptent Hogback. I was able to carry it myself along with all of the group gear as the kids only carry their things and a bit of food. It stood up to all the weather that came our way, kept us dry even when water was flowing UNDER the tent, and was a spacious place to spend a rainy day. Another incredible feature is that there is little to no wind flapping sound when the tent is exposed to high winds. That horrible flapping sound that you get with some tents in the wind can be stressful AND keep everyone awake. I slept like a baby through several storms with no tent wind noise. Your product is truly awesome and I have sent a review to all of our backpacking friends that are parents!

I broke one of the corner triangle struts by accidentally dropping a rock on it. Can I order this piece to repair the tent? [Ed: yes, no charge]

Thanks so much,

-Melissa Stolasz

PS… the tent was even awesome with a broken corner!

Thanks for the great tent! It's nice to finally have a tent that allows me to really stretch out and not be touching the walls or mesh anywhere. It's less weight and the same packed volume as my old two person, but feels like a portable barn inside by comparison. It has stood up very well to alpine weather with the third pole and without. It has also been a casualty management and warming area with enough room that I don't have to straddle the patient anymore, enough space for a rescuer working on each side, and not crouching at all when sitting (this is a huge improvement to my wilderness practice, thank you!!!).

The next adventure with the Cloudburst 3 will see my girlfriend and I caribou hunting in the Yukon and a trek around Tombstone Territorial Park.

Looking at the Stratospire 2 for a Patagonia trek and maybe a PCT trek next year.

So, thanks for making such great tents and keep up the good work!



Henry, Thank you for helping me pick out the Notch earlier this year. I've taken it on several trips and love how it's durable, lightweight, and so easy to set up, adjust, and pack up, compared to my previous solo tent. I am also impressed by its strength in high winds. For that situation, I don't bring extra guylines, I just place a rock over each stake, and relax in my tent, knowing my trekking poles aren't going to snap. Thanks for sharing your amazing engineering talents!


Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my Double Rainbow. I just completed a 5 day backpacking trip though the Enchantments Wilderness area outside of Leavenworth WA. We had some unexpected bad weather with snow, high winds and rain and my Double Rainbow had no problems. Very satisfied. Thanks for taking the time to make such a quality product.

Jim Hite

Dear Henry and Team,

I just returned from a rather epic 9000 mile walking pilgrimage from Liechtenstein to Jerusalem and back. I crossed the Alps, the Carpathians, the Caucasus, the Taurus and the Negev desert. I climed the highest peak in Armenia and stood at the lowest place on earth. I was awed by a flash flood in Jordan and hit by a car in Italy. Over a period of 15 months I left my foot prints in 26 countries. And what about those 458 nights? Well, most of them I spent in my Tarptent Rainbow.

I want to congratulate you on your product and say a big thank you. I had lots of gear, but the Rainbow never weighed me down and withstood not few adversities. Even the "paper-like" ground sheet (which I find indispensable) is still with me after all this time. The one thing that suffered most and the one tiny detail that could be improved is the pack sack. It could be a little wider. In that way it would maybe experience a little less strain when packing and therefore last longer. In my case the top ripped after about 5000 miles. I had it fixed and the whole part with the string to close the sack came off 2000 miles later. But that is just the pack sack. The tent is great! Again, thank you and keep up your excellent work!

Fr. Johannes

4kmh.com - A Pilgrimage to Jerusalem and beyond

Purchased my SS2 Tarptent in 2012 I have used it in snow, rain and desert winds. My stuff sack blew away on a recent trip to J-Tree and it was immediately replaced for $5 plus postage. I love my tent and the Tarptent service!!!

John Loud

Have over 2300 miles logged with my protrail and its still going strong!! Just wanted to give thanks for such an awesome product!

The picture was taken at Red river gorge in Kentucky. Great products! Can't wait to buy another tarptent for the fam!

Chad Relinski

During my five weeks in the Cordilleras Blanca & Huayhuash, I experienced a wide range of challenging conditions. High winds, rain, snow and an apparently short-sighted burro that mistook the vestibule of my shelter for a urinal. Throughout it all the ProTrail held up like a champ, although it did have a lingering funky smell thanks to the aforementioned quadruped (sorry Henry :-))!

Donkey jokes aside, if you are looking for a reasonably priced, lightweight, functional one person shelter for three season conditions, I highly recommend the Tarptent ProTrail. 

Cam "Swami" Honan

ProTrail Review

Wild camping with our 3yr old in the Scottish Highlands a few weeks back. The tent was awesome, no worries at all with the mesh inner and plenty of space for us and a fidgety 3yr too! Thanks guys!

An Outdoors Family

I bought your Notch Tarptent a few years ago when I was still section-hiking the Appalachian Trail. Since then, I finished the AT in 2014 and thru-hiked the Colorado Trail last year. I plan to hike the John Muir Trail in July.

As a testimonial, your Notch tent is absolutely great. It’s compact, light, sturdy, and waterproof. I slept through many a rainy nights and never got wet. Before I bought, I did a thorough comparison to other tents and besides the benefits I already mentioned, your tent was the best buy for the money. I wouldn’t own any other tent while backpacking.

Rex Cowden

Hi all,

I recently completed a 12 day hike along the Croajigalong/Nadgee (Vic/NSW Aust) coast with my new Moment DW and I wanted to let you know- I love it. I had completed half of the walk two years before using tarps as shelter and while I love camping this way I found some aspects a bit wearing by the end of it. At 151cm and slight build weight was also a major consideration. 

The DW was perfect- it's light, set's up/ breaks down quickly- much needed after a long hard hike. Unfortunately this meant I made the afternoon tea a lot as the others took at least 30 minutes longer to get their tarp/mosquito net/ ground sheet up. It has a lot more room then you think at first, once you get the knack of adjusting the ground sheet. We had every type of weather, including a set up in heavy rain, followed by a windy torrential night and the DW was by far the driest place to be. The ventilation system works really well, although the local wildlife did figure it out- possums have no fear!

I know it has snow loading so I am looking at a hike in Tasmania or the high country next to give that a go. 

Thanks for a great product- it lived up to all expectations and I couldn't be happier. 

Warm regards, 

Nicole Coote

​Hi there,

I've had my TarpTent StratoSpire 2 for about four years now, and just got back from another excursion made more satisfying by this excellent piece of gear, and so I wanted to drop a line and say thanks.

This recent trip was a 60-mile, 6-night outing on the Pecos River in desert west Texas. There were 13 people in our party, in eight canoes and kayaks. We had heavy winds, heavy rain, and lightning storms our first three nights out, and despite my having to employ creative guyline tie-offs to creosote bushes, mesquite roots, rock fissures, small boulders and ice-laden coolers (the primitive campsites along the Pecos are for the most part flat, soil-less, limestone shelfs) the tent performed beautifully. It even managed to stay upright and dry in 50 mph gusts that snapped the poles on my buddy's REI Half-Dome our first night on the river.

I've attached some recent pics of the tent: three from a solo canoe trip in October 2015 on the Cumberland River in Kentucky, where I live, and four from the Pecos River trip in May 2016. Feel free to use any of these photos in the Gallery on your website, and feel free as well to use any or all of this email as a Testimonial.

I've owned and used a good number of tents over the years, and this one has consistently been the most satisfying to use. It's just a really well-engineered product. If I ever manage to wear it out, my next tent will certainly be another TarpTent.


Brad Tyer

​Everyone at Tarptent,

I am extremely pleased with the repair of my Double Rainbow. Cheap, fast and well done, I cant ask for more. Thanks for such great customer service. I would buy another Tarptent, but with repairs like this one, I will never have too.


Henry and the Tarptent team,

We used the Double Moment on our thru hike of the PCT last summer (2015). We had it mailed to Kennedy Meadows and happily carried it with us until the Canadian border. This shelter kept us dry, ventilated, and comfortable during hail, snow, dumping rain, and heavy wind. We even set it up during a major thunderstorm in the High Sierra and were impressed that the interior was dry when we climbed inside. We really appreciated the peace of mind brought to us by the D.M.'s clever design and quick setup. The tent is still in great shape and will accompany us on many future adventures. Thank you for making such a well-designed, reliable piece of gear.

We've attached a couple of photos of the tent at Guitar Lake (below Mt. Whitney) and Aloha Lake in the Desolation Wilderness.

Amy from Michigan & Fabien from France

Hi TarpTent team :-)

I'm sending you a picture of my Rainbow in the wild, it was an early & frosty morning in Gironde, France.

I'm actually kicking the first Europe tour by footbike, solo and in autonomy, and have developed tight bonds with my mono wall shelter, along the 5000km we have ran so far together :-)

After descending France and Spain, I'm now heading towards Italy, and the Balkans, then I'll be heading up to Finland and Norway. Hope the Rainbow keeps shining!

Cheers, aka La Trottineuse

Used our Cloudburst3 for a 5 day trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Awesome tent!

Brian R

​Hi Henry,

Just a quick email to say how well our Stratospire 2 worked on our TGO challenge over the last couple of weeks.

My girlfriend and I used it for many consecutive wild camping nights including a high camp on the Cairngorm plateau! Genius design Henry, it worked a treat.

Here it is on a lovely but remote camp half way through.

All the best

Allan Land

Hi Henry,

I've just returned to NZ after a month on the road in Canada with that DW Moment. It arrived in Vancouver in plenty of time, thanks.

The tent was great. Definitely met or exceeded my expectations. I was always a bit reluctant, given that I've grown up a few blocks from the old Macpac factory, but really this tent was in a different league to the "Macpac sololite", in terms of ventilation, geometry, and ease of setup, despite their visual similarities. At 6' 3" it was a fraction small for me, but then I realise you noted that on your website. It was a compromise I made knowingly in the name of weight saving. I would have got the Double Moment if I didn't already have a Macpac Mineret. And the colour is perfect. I apologize for needlessly fussing about that, you must have thought I was nuts. For some reason it comes across as being completely grey on my computer screen, when in fact it was almost exactly the kind of green/grey I would have wanted. Not sure what can be done about that except maybe add a description or a colour code on the website. Anyway, thanks for a great tent. It is on its way to Tibet shortly.


Olly Powell

Dear Tarptent

I and four friends just returned from a winter hike in North Carolina on the Art Loeb Trail. Our plan was to hike the entire 30 miles of the trail but a sudden unexpected (not forecasted) winter storm caused us to bail out early. I carried my Rainbow that I've owned for about a year and a half and my friend Patrick was carrying his just purchased Rainbow on it's maiden voyage.

Day one was cold but no problems. We woke on day two to heavy overcast skies and snow mixed with sleet. We hit the trail and after about an hour the storm moved in with a vengeance. 40-50 mph winds pounding us with horizontal rain and sleet. This along a 6,000 ft ridge top trail. We decided to make camp mid afternoon on the back side of a ridge to try and get out of the direct windblast in a small grove of trees, the only place we could see in the fog and wind. We pitched our tents and hunkered down inside them for the next 17 hours until the storm had passed. At first the wind was slamming the side of my tent so hard it would buckle and hit me in the face if I was sitting up. I decided to get back out in the storm and tie the tent to the tree beside me which solved the problem. Other than having to tie it off to a tree the Rainbow performed flawlessly in the most extreme conditions I've ever experienced in a tent. It never leaked, the rain/sleet/snow did not come in under the tarp which I was concerned about but it was never an issue.

Patrick was also impressed with how durable and how well his Rainbow performed. In those conditions you need equipment that will take a beating, because, in this case our lives depended on it.

Thanks for a great product,
Charles Hill
Grayson, GA

Just ordered a cloud 3 tent from your website. I did an online search for USA made tents and you guys came up. Looking forward to dragging this thing all over Montana and beyond. I can't wait to get it. Thanks for keeping the work here in the USA. I'm glad to support your company.

Miles M.

Taking my Protrail from Denver to Salida on the CT next month!

Alex B.

I absolutely love my ultralight Tarptent, great American quality at a great price. If you're in the market for a tent, look no more. My 1 person Rainbow Tarptent has plenty of room for me at 6'4" 270 no problem, and if need be a 2nd person is doable. Thank you Tarptent for the wonderful product, and I thank you for being American made keep up the great work...

Brian P.

I just wanted to thank Henry at Tarptent. I needed a tweak to my double rainbow setup and he made it happen. It is incredible to be able to talk to a live person that gets the trail culture. Excellent customer service! I will shout Tarptent from the mountain tops!

Erin W.

Exploring Pisgah National Forest with my Notch. Great trip, great tent. Loved the dual vestibules and the ventilation kept me from having any condensation problems in the 20 degree weather.

Michael S

Love my new Moment DW!

While having backpacked with others for years, I am new to going solo and also trying to go as light as the often drizzly Pacific Northwest allows. Another woman I know recommended the Moment DW. After comparative research, this tent had more to offer than all other one person similar style tents and I am even more impressed after an inaugural trip for my 54th birthday. I'm 5'3" and had ample headroom sitting up and more floor space than I really needed (not complaining at all)! Love the way that either end of the tent can be used as the head or foot depending on terrain with doors opening in opposite directions (brilliant!). The vestibules are also very roomy (without even adjusting inward for even more room-as shown in the video). Everything is just perfect with the tent, and I so appreciate your team having it seam-sealed and delivered in record time for my birthday.

Thank you so much!

Sylvia McKenzie

Really enjoy using the StratoSpire II. Easy set up and lots of room! Not too heavy for miles of backpacking either!

Jeremiah M.

Got a Double Rainbow a couple years ago. Have used it from Rocky Mountain National Park to the Appalachian Trail... One word: Awesome!

Jeff & Wendy S.

My boyfriend and I bought the StratoSpire 2 for our hike on the AT, It worked out amazingly and we stayed dry. Thought I would share this picture with you, I thought it turned out awesome! Thank you so much for making these tents! They are well worth the price!

Liza W.

Henry Shires & Crew,

I completed my thru hike of the AT last year (2014) and am finally getting around to letting you know how much I loved my Notch. I squeezed it into tiny openings in thick pines, set it up in high winds and driving winds and it never let me down once. At one point I camped on top of a mountain in New Hampshire and woke to find it was pouring down rain, the worst storm I saw on the trail. Turns out I was set up in a depression and my tent was sitting in about 2 inches of water. The bottom of my Notch did not let one drop of water through and I woke up warm and dry in the morning. I've recommended the Stratospire 2 to some friends of mine who are planning an ADT through hike because I know it will be well made and a great tent.

Thank you for the peace of mind I got from having such a reliable sturdy tent on trail.

Drew "Mr. Jingles" Harlacher

I wanted to say we are very impressed with the Stratospire 2. Very spacious, solid, and half the weight of our North Face tent. Thank you for answering our questions and can't wait to put miles behind us!!!

Jeremy M.

Dear people at Tarptent,

Love your product.

The Double Rainbow proved well in the Patagonian mountains. Please find a picture attached, maybe for the website gallery, you're free to use it.

location: Mount Tronador, ascent from Argentina

BR, Jorrit

Dear Henry & Tarptent-Team,

I want to thank you for the awesome tent you developed. After 3 weeks of rain, wind, and sometime both in stormy conditions, my Moment DW is still in perfect shape.

I think I have finally found a companion for the next few years.

Sadly my trip to Iceland ends soon but I'm looking forward to the next trip with the Moment DW.

Greeting from Iceland,


I have just come back from a quick overnighter and this is now the third time that I have used your tent (a ).

I was very sceptical about using a single walled tent in good ole New Zealand but I can report to you that I have not had any issue with condensation at all...of course there was some, funnily enough on the first and second days (late January).

But last night the inside of the tent was almost completely dry!! I had the foot end "wings" opened all night and had a high pitch with the double trekking pole set up I am using.

I just love this tent, it is super light, I have (as per your suggestion) added extra seam sealing to the floor to stop slipping, and it works. I have added tie outs to the side panels and 4 extra light weight stakes. All of this does add a little bit of extra weight but still it is well under 1kg. the Tent is fantastic Henry and I am very pleased with my purchase and will likely buy more of your products in the future.

Please don't stop with your R&D and keep bringing out more variety and even more lighter/cooler/user friendly/innovative tents in the future.


James Talbot

Thanks for a great product!

I wanted to write in and let you know how much I enjoy my Stratospire 2 tent. I've used it a dozen times in various weather and can't rave enough about the durability, quality, and build. I didn't opt to buy the solid interior along with the mesh as I wasn't sure how it would fair in cold/snow conditions. However, now that I've tested it I will definitely be purchasing the solid interior for cold weather.

Thanks for a great product!


Here are few shots of the Double Rainbow in action at 12,600 ft on Lake Fork Peak in the Wheeler Wilderness, New Mexico. The lamb wouldn't leave the tent alone! She liked to bite and pull the arch pole and the bottom hem of the vestibule :)

Besides the abuse the little miss dished out, the tent also withstood four days and nights of high winds and heavy thunderstorms of rain and hail...absolutely no problems! Thanks for making a superb product, and please enjoy the photos

Your friend,

Adam Simms
Santa Barbara, CA


Recently I bought a Stratospire 1 tent for hiking the Israel trail.

I used it on two nights, and it functioned wonderfully. During one of the nights I had 50 km/h wind, in a very exposed place, and the tent stood wonderfully, even after one of the stakes pulled out.

I am sending several pictures for your Gallery. Although the scenery is less inspiring then in some of the pictures there, I think I have not seen pictures from the holy land there. The first two were taken on Thirsty Snake Ascent on the Israel trail in the Negev region. The second two were taken at the top of the Scorpions ascent, again, on the Israel trail.


Great tent, I expect to use it far more,

Yitzhak Cohen, Gedera, Israel

Dear Tarptent,

I just took the Scarp 1 on a ski tour of the Spearhead Traverse in the Whistler Backcomb area. We had 60 mph winds and snow and the tent performed like a 4 season champ! Thank you for the great design.

I have included a couple of photos with the hope that you might put them in your photo gallery to demonstrate this. Enjoy!

sincerely yours,

Christopher Ward

Tualatin, Oregon

Henry and Company,

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Moment DW. I have very little backpacking experience but I needed a lightweight tent for a bike tour. I just completed a 5 day trip from coastal CT to Quebec. The tent fit perfectly on a rear rack, set up in the dark in minutes, kept the mosquitos at bay and kept me dry in 2 windy squalls- what more do you need. I also learned, with the help of your video how to waterproof seams. I applied this handy technique to all of my bike bags as well.

Thanks for a good product,

Ken Larsen

Henry and team,

I bought a Double Rainbow earlier this year and have used it in all conditions from Southern California desert to heavy snow. It worked great in each case. The design and workmanship is great in all respects and I wanted to thank all of you for producing an excellent product that is as good in the execution as it is in concept. Because of the good experience I have had with the Double Rainbow I just sent in an order for a Hogback for trips with more people, some of whom like to sleep in the famed "starfish" position. Attached are a couple of pictures of my Double Rainbow on a snow camping trip.

Craig Reynolds

Just got back from 3 nights in the Ishi Wilderness where we had the chance to test out the Stratospire 2 in wind, rain, hail, and snow. It was amazing! Worked so well I think my friend who already owns the Hogback is going to get the Stratospire also. If you are interested in any photos of the tent in the field let me know what size and I can email them to you.

Thanks again from a happy customer,

Kevin English

During my planning for a back country hiking trip in the Weminuche Wilderness in Colorado. I wanted to get my base pack under 10 pounds. Being in my mid-fifties and planning a hike of over 60 miles in very rough terrain and over 15,000 feet of climbing in under 6 days I needed all the help I could get.

The addition of the Tarptent Notch to my back cut in half the weight of my old tent and the Notch saved plenty of space in my ultra-lite pack.

The Notch is the perfect combination of ultra light weight, easy of setup and tear down. The Notch has all the necessities a hiker needs for three season backpacking.

Thanks for a great tent.


Charlie Bise

Hi Guys
Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am with my Stratospire 1.

Here a couple of pics you may like to see of it pitched in a few different locations, even a tent platform on the Overland Track in Tasmania Australia.

Danny G

Hey everyone at Tarptent!

I just wanted to thank you guys for the awesome work on the Double Rainbow and getting it to me so quickly. It performed spectacularly when we camped out at Granite Pass in the North Cascades in Washington this past weekend (08/10/2013-08/11/2013). The thunderstorms were directly on top of us and we got slammed with a downpour of rain and lots of lightening (scary! 30+ strikes a minute at times... this was the storm that caused 8 rock/mudslides on SR 20, the road we took to get there and needed to take to get home... had to take a 7.5hr detour instead of 2.5hr normal). The Double Rainbow was more than up for the challenge of the storm and shrugged off the rain nicely. The tent is palatial, especially for us (both of us are only 5'6" tall) and I love how easy it is to pitch.

As I mentioned, I planned this trip to propose to my girlfriend during the meteor shower, and although we didn't see any shooting stars, we were treated to an intense lightning show all night. Thanks for helping make this possible by getting such a high quality tent out to us so quickly! I've attached a couple of pictures of the Double Rainbow in use, and it would be awesome to see it in your gallery!


Andy Nam

p.s. SHE SAID YES!!! :o)

Having bought a used Scarp1 ages ago I finally got a chance to use it in anger this weekend at Allt Sheicheachan, near Blair Atholl. To say i LOVE this tent is an understatement! Wish I'd bought one years ago!

Stuart F.

Stratospire 1 in the Peak District National Park, England. Stood strong in a stiff wind and rain.

Elton O

Just finished up Big Bend National Park outer mountain loop with the StratoSpire2. Loved the tent and was warm every night. Kept dry during a short rain. Great tent and very well built. I had lots of room for storage under the two vestibules. Thanks Tarptent!

Matthew H.

Just some backyard camping after seam sealing my new Protrail. Looking forward to using this tent a lot more come June and the AT!

Jeffrey O.

Hi! We recently walked at Wilson's Promontory, Mt Stirling and the Great Ocean Walk - all in Victoria, Australia. We took along the Stratospire which is a fabulous tent - very roomy for two people and gear in the tent with heaps of space in the vestibules for packs, boots, poles etc. I haven't hiked for a long time so was really impressed with the comfort and spaciousness of this home-away-from-home. The weather in the various places was overcast, cloudy, cold, sunny, raining, by the ocean, in the mountains and on ocean cliffs. At Johanna Beach on the Great Ocean Walk (106 klms from Apollo Bay to the Twelve Apostles) there was steady rain at night but inside we remained nice and dry because we kept the tent ventilated. This is really easy with the two openings/vestibules. All you have to do is camp in an appropriate site, identify where the weather is coming from and open the other side of the tent. Just watch the video by Geolyn and this will be confirmed. Also, I have to admit I walk with an experienced 4 season walker and Tarptent expert! This picture is of the tent at Devil's Kitchen on the last night of the Great Ocean Walk.

Ann D.

My new ProTrail in Nevada's Ruby Mountains for a four day grouse hunt... No rain or snow, but some really high winds at night. Super comfortable!

Joe R.

I just wanted to thank Henry at Tarptent. I needed a tweak to my double rainbow setup and he made it happen. It is incredible to be able to talk to a live person that gets the trail culture. Excellent customer service!

I will shout Tarptent from the mountain tops!

Erin W.

Own the Stratospire2 and protrail and love them

Edmarla R.

ProTrails at work in the North Cascades with the boy scouts!

Stephen S.

The pictures do not do mother nature justice – it was cold, wet, windy (abt 50 mph), hail, sleet, lightning – had it all. Truthfully it was exactly the reason why I decided on the roomy – comfy Cloudburs – so I could stay comfortable if the weather went South (North really). It was the best tent for the occasion by far.

Alex W.

just ordered a cloud 3 tent from your website. I did an online search for USA made tents and you guys came up. Looking forward to dragging this thing all over Montana and beyond. I can't wait to get it. Thanks for keeping the work here in the USA. I'm glad to support your company.

Miles M.

Made our first bivouac in the French Pyrenees with our two kids and the Hogback. Very light and very spacious. Thanks for making it!

Emmanuel O.

Dear Tarptent team,

I've never been much of a camper or tent user; not because I didn't want to, simply the opportunity never really presented itself. Now, with my self-sustaining bicycle fundraiser through Europe, I am camping a lot, and loving it.

Your double-rainbow tent, my first tent ever, is my home away from home during this 10 week-long cycling adventure. It was a gift from my boyfriend in the USA, sent to me while I was in Peru earlier this year (and unfortunately subject to extra taxes there, but that's a seperate story!).

I simply wanted to thank you for creating this exceptional product. It's light weight, easy to set up and packs perfectly with the rest of my bike gear. It is my continued pleasure to use it during this trip!

Also, inspired one morning (this was while camping in Southern France a few weeks back) by a curious ladybug, I snapped a few shots featuring the bug and my double-rainbow. I thought you might enjoy seeing these photos :)

With kind regards from Hungary,

Kasia Szewczyk

I'm cycling through Europe for World Literacy Canada this summer! Read more at: www.ridetoread.wordpress.com

Sent with a smile from my iPhone

I love your tents! I have a family of five (three small ones), and the hogback is the only one I've seen that could meet our needs and still be lightweight for transport.

Yucca P.

I have the Hogback, great for backpacking with little ones. I have also had 4 grown men in it, about my size (6'3" 200lbs) and it sleeps cozy, but with enough room. Vestibule room can be a little challenging, with the 4 packs if they need to stay out of the weather. Overall great buy, haven't heard of another tent of the same size with same or less weight. My go to tent for family or friends backpacking trips.

Garrett T.

Top notch customer service. I've talked to Henry several times on the phone, before, during, and after my AT thru-hike. He's been nothing but supportive, and helpful, and truly stands by his product. My Rainbow held up great on the AT, and though it suffered some damages, Tarptent fixed them for me.

Anthony O.

Loving the double rainbow...

Amber S.

I just spent two weeks thru-hiking the JMT with the Double Rainbow and absolutely loved it. It's a great lightweight tent that offers a ton of flexibility and room to live.

Drew R.

Just came back from a 3 week backpacking trip in Hawaii. The rainshadow 2 performed beautifuly!

Here's a pic of it in Waimanu valley. Thanks again for the great bug-free ultralight shelter!

Danny D.

First adventure out in my new Rainshadow 2. Loved the tent and Mt. Hood.

Caryn E.

Here is a picture I took on a bike tour across Alaska in 2013. Henry set me up with a Double Rainbow and carbon fiber pole. It worked great! Atigun River and the Brooks Range in the background on the tundra. Thanks for great American made product.

Jeff Frye

Thank you for helping me to wash my tent. Having thoroughly gone over my tent, I’d like to say that your attention to detail on the Double Moment is superb! You’ve clearly done your homework, and then some. During our hike on Mt Adams, my girlfriend, Lisa, and I celebrated her 40th birthday. She stated that she thinks that I’m a genius for thoroughly researching tents, and deciding on a Tarptent. I did, of course, let her know who the real genius is!

Here are a few pics of the area. I’ll be sure to send more from our future travels.

Thank you for the amazing tent, and all of your help!


2015 AT thru with the ProTrail. Fantastic, even in the harshest weather.

Bombproof, super fast set up, and spacious (and I'm 6'3"). You can't go wrong.

Grant L.

Hello Tarptent,

Thought I'd send this image as the location is quite different to anything else in your gallery.

Ruth and I are really pleased with the StratoSpire 2. So far it has performed in the outback and high country snowstorms.

This is off track walking in Browns Creek gorge, Southern Grampians National Park, Victoria, Australia.

The 2 person Moment DW looks great.

All the best

Michael Hampton

Love my ProTrail!!!

Todd B.

Thanks Henry! Protrail performed great this fall!

Tony T.


Last fall I bought a Moment DW and promptly took it on a bikepacking trip into the Canadian Flathead.

We had 7 days of rain and snow and I wore my shell pants and jacket the entire time. We couldn't have picked a worse weather window. Oh well, at least we finished the trip.

The Moment DW was rad. It rained every single night, twice the rain was a deluge of Old Testament proportions. I stayed dry. So did my down bag and mattress. The vents worked. It was a little cramped as I am a rather large human but I didn't buy the tent to hang out in, I bought it to keep me sheltered and that is exactly what it did.

Thanks for making a well-designed, affordable product that works as advertised. I'm looking forward to using this thing in warmer weather to keep the bugs off.

Again, thanks.


Hello Tarptent crew!

I just wanted to sent you guys a picture of my tent on my last trip to Isle Royale!

I really love the tent: setup and tear down are almost pleasurable and you have great space for packs in the vestibules. Great design. I want to pick up one of your 4 person tents at some point but I have to figure out how to justify it to my wife...

Keep up the great work!

Nick Brunette

I just completed a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail and I used a Tarptent Contrail the whole time. I didn't have any backpacking experience before starting the trail, so I was heavily reliant on internet reviews and recommendations.

I chose the Contrail because of all the recommendations I read and it performed great. I was a little skeptical at first about the durability and whether it would last the whole trip as it was so light. My doubts were unfounded. It is so well-made and it survived a variety of conditions. I also found it to be highly versatile and I could always make it work in less-than-ideal tent spots. The bathtub design always kept the water out. I loved the fact that the bug netting kept all the mosquitos out at night. I could hear them buzzing, but they weren't getting at my blood.

So, just wanted to say thank you for making such a great product. I couldn't have picked a better shelter for the last five months.

Erich "Reboot" Renken
AT Thru-hiker GA->MA, 2013

Henry and Crew,

Many thanks for a GREAT tent. I value the experience and thought you have put into your products.

I now have your Single Rainbow, "trading up" my old NorthFace Tadpole. The Rainbow is awesome.

Photo below of the Rainbow at 10,000 on Mauna Loa looking to 14,000' Mauna Kea two days ago on July 9. … Next week off to the JMT and PCT.


North Kohala, Hawaii

My buddy and I recently came up with a cool way to pitch two notch tents on a single wood platform. This was on the AT in the White Mountains of NH. Thought you might enjoy - great tents!!

Kevin Webb

Thanks for a great tent!

I've had my Double Rainbow several years, and some of my friends have bought them after seeing mine. I just want to share a couple of photos from the Benton Mackaye Trail last week, featuring 4 Double Rainbows. They were spread so far apart I couldn't get all in one photo.

Jakebrake, aka Bill Strickland

Dear Henry and the Tarptent Team,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! for the great tents you make.

I use the Scarp II now for several years, but last months we were really putting it to its limits. During a ski mountaineering tour, we decided to leave some equipment behind on the Aletsch glacier (Switzerland) to spend some nights in a hut and to have less weight in the bags. After three days with heavy winds and quite a lot of snow, we worried if we could find the tent again and whether it was still intact, and we have been positively surprised.

I was really proud of my little tent and want to share a photo.



I just got back from a Philmont Trek during which I used my Tarptent Notch.

I love this tent! I received a lot of compliments on the tent from other scouters during the trek. The attached photo is of my Notch at sunrise at Clayton Lake State Park, New Mexico .

Thanks again for a great product,

Tom Matches

First night out in my Tarptent Notch, appropriately at High Cup Nick in the North Pennines.

Loads of headroom, lightweight, airy, robust, pitched in two minutes. What's not to like ? It weathered a storm and sheep nibbling at the guys too (bet they don't have the latter in Nevada where it's made !)

Stan A.


I ordered a Hogback tent from you in the spring, and have had a couple adventures in the Rockies with it. Also spent a couple weekends out camping near Fort McMurray, and camped at a huge outdoor rock festival outside of Edmonton.

Just to let you know that I am extremely pleased with this tent. What was odd is that considering I live in a very remote location in Northern Alberta the tent arrived less than a week after you shipped it. That is unusually fast for Canada Post, I was actually shocked.

I went on two backpacking trips with the Hogback as our shelter. First trip was the Skyline Trail near Jasper, AB and the second one was on the historic Berg Lake Trail around Mount Robson, BC (Wow is the only way to describe that trail).

I noticed a big weight savings from our previous tent (a Marmot limelight 3p – 7lbs) not to mention it packed down into a tiny bundle. We ran into heavy rains and strong winds with no problems whatsoever.

The optional cross pole worked great, it helped keep the tent rigid in even the biggest gusts.

It was my first time ever seam-sealing a tent, but I guess I did a good enough job as on both treks nothing inside the tent even got damp. Even though we needed a trench at one campground to divert water away from running directly under the tent from poorly located tent pads, we stayed dry and warm inside the tent.

One thing that I really enjoyed about the tent was that in high winds, the fabric came close enough to the ground that it wouldn't draw heat out and allow moisture to blow in from the outside. The old Marmot Limelight was very 'airy' with a couple of spots where the wind would easily sail right through bringing cold rain with it.

Setup is a breeze, and though I haven't tried to go for your 2-minute time I could get it up fast in a storm without any drama. The carbon fiber posts in the corners are a brilliant design. We slept three of us on the second trip in the Rockies to Mount Robson plus our gear. It was a little squishy as my tentmates were a good bit bigger than me, so we put our bags under a siltarp for the rest of the trip. That made the tent very roomy for three.

Needless to say I haven't felt more confident about my choice of tent. Thanks for making an outstanding product. Here's a shot of the tent set up above Berg Lake.

Thanks again!


Chris Watton

Dear Tarptent,

Thanks for an amazing product. I completed my 2013 NoBo thru hike August 19.

I started February 24 thus obviously I hiked in a great deal of bad weather. I spent very few nights in shelters preferring to stay warm and cozy in my Notch which I nicknamed "The Spa." I joked with fellow hikers that when I returned home my family may not appreciate my new found love of sleeping in my tent.

After many months I found I slept even better in my tent in the rain than any hotel room bed or hostel. I perfected my stealth camping techniques loving the solitude of my tent.

Look forward to using this same tent on the PCT next year. I bought my son the exact same tent and will look at purchasing a two man when my wife and I hike together.



Bill Wasser

Madison, MS

Wanted to first say thanks for the great equipment. Secondly, I have a picture of my Notch at Rae Lakes I took on a JMT thru back in 2012. If you want to use it you're more than welcome to do so. If not, I thought you might like to see some of your gear in action.

I hope to be taking it to Patagonia next February and it will certainly see some time in Colorado this summer!

Thanks again

Greg Padgett

I just finished thru hiking the PCT using your Sublite from Kennedy Meadows to Canada. What a wonderful tent! The tent was easy to put-up and was very stable in winds. It kept me dry and had very little condensation. I love this tent!

Ted Mason (Happy & Big Wuss)

Thank you so much for the great service and the awesome product! I've been out and about all summer, and my Double Rainbow has been a cozy home away from home. I've attached a photo of its most scenic resting spot of the summer, at Sahale Glacier in North Cascades National Park.

I was very glad to have the ability to pitch it free standing on that slab of rock!

Zach H.

I wanted to thank you for making a wonderful product that I called "home" for six months on the Appalachian Trail. The spacious and amazingly lightweight Contrail was my private mansion. Not only was I comfortable inside my tent, but all my stuff fit inside as well. When my husband visited me on the trail, we were able to fit both of us in on rainy nights in Maryland.

I have used my tent for section hikes in the past and wondered if it would stand up to the rigors of a thru hike. It did! From soft meadows and bare dirt in GA to a fall off of Dragon's Tooth in VA to thunderstorms and hail in Maine, my tent never wore out. And I didn't even use a footprint to spare the flooring.

When I had a question about my tent, you answered promptly and have given me excellent advice (like how to wash poison ivy oils off the inside of my tent). Thank you, Mr. Shires, for a great product and for your personal service!

Slow n' Steady/ Janet Steinert

I love my Scarp1's, often think about something else, but remember, I own the best already. In my opinion, cannot be beat.

Bobby M.

Leaving for southern France in 10 days. My Cloudburst 3 is always with me ;-)

Henri N.

Good morning!

I am writing to let you know that I completed my approximately 500-mile hike of the A.T., from Springer Mountain, Georgia, to Damascus, Virginia, earlier this week--arriving in Damascus on June 15--one day ahead of schedule and one day before my 65th birthday. I celebrated with a huge veggie burger, a side order of onion rings, and a super-sized Coca-Cola at the Blue Blaze Cafe before my wife joined me there.

As you may recall, I purchased the Notch tent from you several months ago. The tent performed essentially flawlessly throughout my six-week journey. The only issue I had was some mud splatter penetrating into the vestibules during heavy rains but this was quickly remedied by extending my poncho over any gear I had stored in the one vestibule and by applying my backpack rain cover over the pack stored in the other vestibule--no rain ever penetrated the interior bathtub floor of the tent.

It was quick to set up, quick to take down, and very light weight. Indeed, the only tent I saw that could compare was the Zpac two-person tent, which costs twice as much due to its cuben-fiber material and it was more cumbersome to set up.

One of the people I ended up hiking with for nearly 400 miles ("Sandpiper") also carried a Tarptent. She had the Rainbow (which was the other model I was considering) and she loved it. I do like the interior space of the Rainbow (or, even more, the Double Rainbow), but having two vestibules in the Notch versus the one in the Rainbow proved helpful at times.

Anyway, many thanks to you and to your employees for making such a fine product(s).


Dave Startzell (aka-"Ghost")

Dear Henry Shires and the Tarptent Staff,

Just finished my thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail and wanted to express my appreciation for the quality of your tents.

Leaving on my adventure I opted for the Double Rainbow because, despite owning several single person tents, my Double Rainbow was lighter and took less pack volume. Glad I did because the extra space came in handy when my girlfriend joined me on two separate week long visits.

The Double Rainbow held up well, was easy to setup even in high winds, and provided lots of room for a small weight. I had zero problems with the tent and only one small worn seam that needed sewing on the stuff sack. A much different experience than I had with a competitors tent on the Appalachian Trail in 2010.

I am placing an order today for extra tent stacks to replace the ones that came with my girlfriends tent because; they too are strong, light and durable. Attached are a couple campsite photos from the PCT. Thanks for making such great products.


John Klebes, AKA - PaPa Smurf (PCT2012, AT2010, LT2009)

I want to thank you for sending the Notch so quickly.

I have just returned from a five day backpack trip in the Southern Sierra and can't say enough about how well the tent served me. I have a background in precision machine work, and appreciate well designed, well built equipment.

We had high winds the first night and the tent was perfect. The addition of the two extra anchor points helped greatly. Moreover, as the trip unfolded, I kept noticing "little" things about the design of the Notch that made using the tent all the more wonderful. For example, using elastic material for the mesh tie-backs works brilliantly when it's the middle of the night, and an old fellow like me needs to exit the tent without cussing at it. I also appreciate the ease of setup; from out of the pack to ready to use in under five minutes every time.

I look forward to many more trips with this tent.

Gratefully Yours,

Larry Wylie

Bishop, CA

Satisfied customer!

For three years now, I use a Scarp 1 to trek through the Scottish Highlands early spring. Of course it's well made, solid and functional, but above all: it's a home to me. It feels snug and safe inside in cold, windy or rainy weather.

Here are two pictures, use em if you want to.

You can read reports of my trips here.


Haarlem, Netherlands


You sold me a Squall 2 late last year for a trip we just took to the Lost Coast. We were fine the first two days of the trek and the last three it rained. Your tent held up and perfectly light for the 50 mile trip. Attached is a picture of us at Miller Flat.

Great stuff. Keep up the good work.


Dear Henry,

We (me and my girlfriend) have purchased the Tarptent StratoSpire II late last year and unfortunately only used it twice so far (due to our busy schedules and very nasty weather that prevented us from doing overnight hiking trips).

We would like to share with you that we love the tent!!! The ease and consequent speed of pitching it, is just awesome. The space inside is enormous which comes in very handy in the wet mid-European climate.

As an architect, I would like to say, that I have never seen such an effective and at the same time very beautiful tent design.

Everything I have researched about the Stratospire II before purchasing it held up to my very high expectations and in parts even surpassed it. The tent is very well made and despite its lightness, it is very robust. Even as it is labeled as a "3 Season Tent" (we have the inner net version), we have our used it during snow in about 20°F conditions here in the German Vulkaneifel and it performed stellar (apart from quite some condensation in the morning - our own fault, as we used snow to cover up the outer shell to the ground, resulting in not enough air circulation during the cold night).

As in any perfect design there is probably nothing to add or to take away to make this tent better. However, I just have one very little suggestion: I think it would be really great to add a two way zipper to the outer shell openings this should not add too much weight, but it will open a lot of additional ventilation possibilities for the user.

Thank you and everybody else at Tarptent very much for making such a great piece of "American Engineering" that enriches our outdoor experience here in Germany.


Mark from Germany

This is not a glamor shot of my "Notch" near Manning Park Canada after serving me for 300+ nights on the Te Araroa and the Pacific Crest trail...It got frayed a little mainly by my stupidity but was still doing what it needed to do..Protect from Mosquitos and the weather..

Heres the KICKER...Ordered exactly the same tarpetent as I'm convinced that it's a waste of my time to look for better for my style of hiking..During the ordering process mentioned about the old one being frayed plus a few burnholes etc..Tarptent suggested they have a look at it and they did...Arrived today completely refurbished and waterproofed at a minimal shipping and service charge....For sentimental value alone I would have kept his tarp but now it has a whole new life ahead..

Thanks Tarptent beyond KUDOOS...CDT....?????

Edward I.

Thanks for the Amazing Tent


I recently purchased a Contrail, it arrived two days before I flew out to Seattle to spend 7 days in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in the Cascades.

I'd like to say Thank you for making such a great tent. Some nights I had to pitch it on less-than-ideal terrain, which lead to my sleeping pad sliding a bit

It held up to two unexpected thunder storms, without sealed seams. My friend neglected to bring the rain fly for his tent and sprinted up to the Contrail during a storm; It can certainly accommodate two people in the rain without much of a problem.

It was a very tough, back-country, trip and having something as light as a bivy+tarp that I could sit up in was a blessing.

Given the weight and price point, I couldn't be happier.

Here are a few pictures of the Contrail in action.

Good work guys.


Thank you (for the Notch)!

I figured it out and have tested it pretty well on two trips now. The first trip was in high force winds with hard rain in unprotected tundra. Can't argue with any tent that keeps you dry in that!

The second was on a river trip with a friend.

I'm much happier with this newer tent than my original squall, though I don't think I can just call it a glorified tarp anymore. It has sure grown up!

Thank you for producing great tent options. I included a picture of my Notch with my friends original Moment. Feel free to include it on your website if you would like.


Iris Hartshorn

Anchorage, AK

I wanted to send you all a picture of our Scarp 2 setup on Steamroller Pass overlooking the Clear Glacier.

It is far and away the best tent I have ever owned. It is lightning fast to set up, very comfortable and feels secure in the wind.

Unfortunately it's a little crowded for two people and two 70lbs dogs (Before I was married I thought dogs could sleep in the vestibules. I have been corrected). So We'll be looking forward to that Hogback you're sending to Anchorage.

Thank you for making such a great product in the USA.

Rhett Paulson

Anchorage, AK

Life in a Tent

This might seem a bit fanatical, but I am really impressed with my TarpTent Double Rainbow. Like a turtle shell, this is the home we carry with us every where. It has served us well for nine months in nearly every country in Latin America, throughout the US and across Russia.

This page is dedicated to the Double Rainbow and a few of the many places that it has protected us.

Manny Dilks

I received delivery of my Notch tent on Friday, March 8 and couldn't wait to try it out. A friend of mine and I went snowshoeing in Dolly Sods Wilderness, WV this past weekend. The tent was awesome and was exactly what I've been looking for in a lightweight tent.

I only have one complaint, why couldn't you have made this tent years ago?

I attached a photo from this past weekend.

Thank you for such a great tent,

Steve Weber

I completed the southern half of the AT this year and I gotta tell you that the Notch is the only piece of gear I had that I have no complaints about. I had it set up in some horrible conditions and it was absolutely bombproof.

Thanks for making such a great product.

Vince Vilcinskas
Marshall, NC

I just wanted to drop you a quick note letting you know that I just returned from my REI Adventure Trip along the Bechler River in Yellowstone.

I appreciate you taking my call personally the Sunday before I left and answering all my questions!

I cannot say enough how stellar the Rainbow Tarptent performed. From the speed and simplicity of setup to even more critical - dryness!

We had heavy Thunderstorms overnight Two of the 4 nights....and even though a few folks in our group got wet in their tents from REI (Half Domes I think) - I was Bone Dry the entire trip!

I am currently airing my Rainbow out here at home relaxing from the trip and wanted to send you a personal Thank You - for making such a great Product. I shared my story about your Customer Service as other folks on the Trip inquired about the Tent.....

Attached is a picture from one of the Camp Sites along the Bechler River, Yellowstone....Enjoy!

Brian Dunn

Harleysville, PA

Hi all,

I wanted to write this email long ago, but then forgot about it... till now! :)

I bought your Scarp 1 tent back in summer 2011, its main aim was to travel from Ireland to New-Zealand for a 5 to 10 day treck in end november/early december the same year. It took me a few times to succeed in setting it up, but once I got the trick, it was really easy to set it up! I used it a couple of times over there, and managed to set it up on my own with no trouble. It rained lightly one night, but most of the night though, and it kept me and my stuff dry, so I was quite happy (it also offered me a precious protections against the nasty kiwi sandflies!).

It's also been used for a 10 day trek accross Corsica (France) during summer.

I love the space in there, it's meant to be a 1 person shelter, but two can squeeze in it, especially because there's enough room for keeping backpacks on both vestibules. It's light, takes no room, easy to set up once you know how it works, easy to fold up, and so spacious, plus it's obviously made from good materials!

One of the best buy I've done in years, I've already recommended you, and will keep doing so!

Here are a few pictures from the trek in New-Zealand (Nelson Lakes NP, Southern Island). A big thank you to you all, and all the best for the future.

Aurelie, from France

I received my Notch and have taken a weekend packing trip in the Georgia Appalachians near Neel's Gap.

The Notch was perfect. We set up in rain without getting the tent interior wet at all.

Your design is incredibly efficient, smart, and accomodating for the tent resident once inside. There is generous space exactly where needed without wasted fabric. Movement within the tent is comfortable due to your design and the ability to snug up the rain fly from within the tent is great when a rain blew up again in the night. I was camping low at a creek side with temps in the high 30's and upon rizing I couldn't find a drop of condensation under the rain fly.

Excellant ventilation options. I got the half solid /mesh wall interior and was glad I did. It simply gives me more options with extending the hiking season and avoiding cold damp draft blowing over my head and down bag at night. I struggled with the decision of all mesh or half mesh here in Georgia, but after using the Notch and comparing to my trips with another brand solo all mesh interior tent, I much prefer the half solid interior.

The setup of the tent is a breeze and the trekking pole support structure gives the Notch a sturdy feel.

I had packers that passed my site, come over and ask what tent this was...I guess it makes quite an impression.

I'd have to add that the 2 entrance doors and the 2 big vestibules gave me total access and adjustability to stow gear, batten down one side against a changing wind/rain direction while leaving the other side open. With a directonal rain, I can see the option of adjusting one trekking pole to a lower height and snugging the tarp to the ground while leaving the other pole at its normal setting to maintain good airflow.

Wow, the most adjustable, usable tent ever!

Thank you, Henry for such a smart, superlight, adjustable, and comfortable tent. I have backpacked all over the U.S including Alaska and in Canada for over 40 years and like many folks have experienced the evolution of gear and fabrics available for backpackers. I am 100% satisfied with my Notch and can't wait for my next trip in the mountains with it.

Henry Hibbs

Watkinsville, Georgia

Hi Henry,

You probably don't need another e-mail from me, but I just got back from my first hike with the StratoSpire 2. I used it on a new section (for me) of the AT from Springer Mtn to Woody Gap -- 21 miles. It was a dream to set up, to get in and out of with the two doors, and of course, the minimal weight was fantastic!

I look forward to another trip with it in a few weeks.

I am attaching a photo of my camp the first night.

All the best, Mike

Michael L. Arnold

Athens, Georgia

Dear Henry & Co.:

I bought a used Tarptent Rainbow last year as part of an intensive effort to lower my base weight. I did a good deal of research and looked at various products - I came to the conclusion that your Tarptent products represented excellent value and was fortunate when one came available on a backpacking board. I'll note that it didn't escape me that when Tarptent products go up for sale as used gears, they are usually sold very quickly and for asking price.

I used the tent on several backpacks last year and this year and have been thrilled with its performance, comfort, and (of course) light weight. But after this past week, I needed to write and thank you. I took a group of Scouts (my son's Patrol) up into the Cottonwood Lakes / New Army pass area in Inyo Natl Forest / Sequoia Natl Park last week. The weather was great for most of the trip, but our last night at Chicken Springs Lake (~11,300 ft) we were hit by a potent thunderstorm. For over an hour from about 9:30 to 10:30 we had (in addition to the requisite lightning and thunder) a torrential downpour accompanied by gusts of wind from the north, east, and then west. I'm fairly certain some of the gusts exceeded 40 mpg. They were strong enough to nearly collapse a couple of brand x tents that the boys had, and partially pulled up two of my tent stakes despite the fact that they had rocks on top of them.

Despite all this, the only water that got into the Rainbow was some splashing along the back side (I didn't quite have it staked down low enough) and a very fine spray that got thru when a few particularly gargantuan raindrops hit the tent itself. Even with winds coming from east or west (the tent was lined up N-S since that was the prevailing wind direction earlier), I felt safe and secure, and stayed dry and warm. Thanks for making such a quality product at a reasonable price.

My best wishes to you and all those who help produce this great backpacking tent.

Duane Bindschadler

Hello Henry

I wanted to thank you for all your help and generocity with your time. Our family greatly appreciates it. We LOVE our Hogback. My husband used to be a buyer for Neil's Gap on the Appalachian Trail and is a bit hard to please (he's a total gear snob). He is also 6'4" and that makes for a bit of a cramped tent for him. Add in a 220 lb Mastiff, a 40 lb Doberman-mutt, a 7 year old, and myself and you have a bit of an interesting situation to try and gear up for. As a long distance backpacking family, we are all thoroughly happy with what you guys have done.

The Hogback is at Yocum Ridge on the Timberline Trail around Mt. Hood in Oregon.

The motley crew which is our family is pictured after completing the Big Loop around the Three Sisters in central Oregon. The Mastiff was just a puppy then, you tent still fits him now that he is quite a bit bigger.

Lastly, thank you so much for helping us in our son's wish to break the PCT thru hiker record. When we started backpacking with The Barracuda (as he is known most everywhere now) at 4 we never thought it would turn into this, but we are proud to support him wherever he decides to walk. He is a bit determined and has firmly decided we are going to do it. A smaller TarpTent is our last piece of gear. If you would like to see our progress in this endeavor, we blog about our family at Endofordinary.blogspot.com.

Happy Holidays!

Thanks Again,

Brynn Dahlquist
White Salmon, WA

Took this photo of our Rainshadow 2 on the Vermillion Coast of France, thought we'd share.

It was too rocky to get any stakes into the ground, but it held up really well with just rocks. We have had this tent for three or so years now, have used it on multiple excursions in multiple countries and we love it!

Next we're taking it to the North Rim and Long Range traverse in Gros Morne National Park of Newfoundland.


Amanda Gresens and Matt Rogers
New Paltz, NY 12561

Thanks for spending phone time and getting our Cloudburst 3 with extra pole and footprint to us super fast!

Two Days of very foul weather put it to the test with cool temps and wind driven rains to drizzle at St. Regis Pond in the remote wilderness of the Adirondacks. No complaints- tent is as advertised and more-

A pleasure to wait out the rain and stiff winds in the Cloudburst 3- could not be happier

John Scholl

Getting ready for a canyon trek and thought I would send a note on the sublite on the JMT.

We had a typical trip in July-Aug for 15 nights great hike. I added a few tie outs etc and always add guy lines for prayer flags and clothes.

I used the sublite to hide from the bugs several nights and one record hot day for a high siesta where there were no trees.

Had two severe storms, one below Muir Hut and one at Whitney. I used extra guy lines and was fine in both cases. A lightning hail storm blew up at Whitney and we had to scramble down to camp for the evening. At the lake below Whitney many other tents and poles were damaged in severe winds which was pushing the dome type tents down. I had wind blow rain in through the mesh, but used my polycro tarp and made a shield along the edge. This worked fairly well. I saw a rainbow there which also survived. Even made my soup inside with the jetboil since the storms went on for quite a while. (Normal routine is I reach out and fire up the jetboil outside for soup or coffee).

Have now used for many trips in the Grand Canyon, Rockies and Great Lakes with good results. Zippers I think starting to get worn from all the grit although I wash after each trip.

Anyhow, love the sublite. Only drawback is long fabric drying time when it gets really rainy. Also have a Double Rainbow which is great for two.

Lebanon, OH

Hello Henry,

I just wanted to thank you for prompt shipment of my Notch. I seam sealed it and took it on a trip to the Beartooths north-east of Yellowstone. The first night there was a major 6 hour downpour. I didn't get a drop on me! And it's amazingly light.

For a 61yo, that's a major factor in continuing to hike. I'm thrilled.

Robert Miller

Chicago, IL

Very pleased with the StratoSpire 2 tent!
( photo at Parakai Campground north west of Auckland)


Susan Jackson
Aukland, New Zealand
Greetings from Hobart, Tasmania - where you will find some of the best wilderness walking in the world!

I bought a Contrail from you last year. ( My mate bought a Moment in the same order.) The Contrail didn't get much use during our winter but I have just had the pleasure of taking it on a 10 day and then a 15 day summer hike. It was magnificent. Easy to put up. Heaps of space. Stood up to terribly strong winds that toppled trees in the vicinity. Kept me dry and was so easy to carry!

Congratulations on a truly superb piece of gear. I'd recommend this tent to anyone. Keep up the great work.


Adam Croser
Hobart, Tasmania
I just wanted to write in with praise for the Moment. I purchased it for my AT thruhike this year, and it served me well from Georgia to Maine. The inside of that tent quickly became my portable, collapsable home and place of solace, and I can't remember regretting my purchase even once along the entire way. At 6'3" I was worried about feeling cramped in an ultralight single person tent, but I found the Moment so spacious and comfortable that I would march right past empty AT shelters in favor of even the most marginally acceptable tract of land to pitch. Of course, with the 2 leisurely minutes it takes to set up this tent (if even that), the Moment made setting up camp a breeze. I don't think it would be at all inaccurate to say that for every one night I was begrudgingly forced to spend in a shelter, I spent 10 happy inside your wonderful tent! After using it well over a hundred times, the tent pole finally broke in the 100-Mile Wilderness -- I was HEARTBROKEN at the thought of not being able to use my tent for my last few days on the trail, because the freedom, privacy and comfort it represented had gone such a long way towards helping to define what my thruhike experience had been all about. Luckily another hiker rescued with me a splint! What a shame it would have been not to have been able to set up next to Rainbow Lake and drift off to sleep by the sound of loons.

The Moment is the first tent I've ever purchased, and honestly, for my needs, I don't see a reason to buy something else anytime soon. I have a feeling it will be with me for a long time to come. Just need to replace that pole -- how can I go about doing that, incidentally?
[Ed: Replacement poles can found under "Extras" in the webstore]

- Chris "Buck" Wilhelm

This past May, I used my new Notch at Kings Canyon National Park, California. It performed flawlessly. It snowed on our group at Upper Paradise Valley on the Rae Lakes Loop. I've attached a picture of the snow covered Notch if you would like to include it in the gallery on your website. I noticed that you did not have a snow picture for the Notch. My friend, Billy Peacock, took the photo of my tent on May 26, 2012, and concurs with it being included in the gallery if you like.

Last week I returned from a trek at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. My son and I shared a Double Rainbow. We have owned it a few years, and it has protected us in many less than ideal conditions: heavy rain, windy dust storms, and sleet. I noted two other DRs on the trail as well.

Thanks for making terrific gear!


Royce Bowden
Starkville, MS

During our honeymoon in Hawaii, we used our Double Rainbow for the first time on a great backpacking trip on the Kalalau Trail on Kaua'i. It is a really tough hike and we were very happy that the Tarptent was easy to set up after the long journey in to the gorgeous beach where we camped. The tent was perfect for the two of us! We're really looking forward to using it again on backbacking trips closer to home on the East Coast this winter.

We're really happy we found your great product! Here is a picture of our camp spot under the waterfall at the end of the Kalalau Beach.

All the best!
Shane & Cheryl Rauch
Charles Town, WV

Hey Henry, just wanted to say thanks for building such quality, affordable products over the years. Been really enjoying my Contrail. Never seems to fail me.

Here's my campsite last October in Canyonlands...

Best wishes this year for you,
Dan Briggs
Valrico, FL

The tent has been fantastic - Double Rainbow. I've attached a picture, in case you'd like to post it. It's at Truchas Lake in Santa Fe National Forest, NM.

We actually didn't camp there - breaks the rules, too close to the water, not that there was probably anyone else within 100 miles of us. But we carried the tent down there to just to take a nice picture with it. Thanks,

Tom Ingling
Dallas, TX
Thought you guy's might like these pic's of my Moment in the snow on new years weekend 01-01-2011. We had a tarp over both tents, when in the middle of the night it snowed about 18" and collapsed one of my trekking poles, burring my friends tarp tent, and leaving the rest of the snow up against my Moment,but it held up solid like a rock. This was my 4 time in the snow with my Moment, this thing is a BOMBER TENT AND I LOVE IT ! ! !

Jack Elliott
Bakersfield, CA

Henry & Co.,

I want to thank you and your staff for developing such innovative and lightweight shelters. My wife and I recently purchased a Rainbow and we couldn't be happier.

After testing it in Glacier National Park in shoulder season, we were warm and excited to enjoy a night in the wilderness made of both simplicity and elegance--in large part due to our TarpTent.

Basically, all I want to say is this: "Thank you." The Rainbow is an excellent, simple product that performs wonderfully.

It's funny; when I first started preparing for backpacking, I was always intrigued by ULers, but never thought I had the income to afford such a hiking profile. Now, you have made my push for lighter, more purposed gear an attainable goal. And on top of that, my wife is happy too! (I don't want to set up this binary where she is the comfort-oriented one and I am the Spartan--the truth is too complicated for those kind of oversimplifications.) Regardless, your Rainbow tent has performed beautifully, and I thank you for being involved in the lives of your customers and critics.

Seriously, your presence on the BPL forums and your accessibility is a big part of what made me push for a TarpTent upgrade with my wife.

I'm sorry that this is long-winded. All I meant to say is this: "Thank you." Let us know if you are ever in Glacier or the Flathead. It's a beautiful place to be, and we are blessed beyond imagining to live here.

Join us if you can,

Clayton Mauritzen

Kalispell, MT

Dear Henry,

Loving the Scarp II so far. Have been through spring snowfall in the Cascades and windy passes of the Coast Mountains of British Columbia and love the tent in every aspect--weight, sturdiness, ease of setup, the works. Regards,

Terry Woodburn
Portland, OR
I love my Sublite. I used it on a two thousand mile, six week bicyle trip this summer on the northern tier bicycle route from the washington coast, through the washington cascades, idaho, montana, north dakota, minnesota, and to madison wisconsin, camping 95% if time and it was great. Lightweight and very durable. Super easy set up and tear down. It was a great investment. We got hit by some very hard, cold rain in the cascades. Through montana, we got rained on six or seven nights in a row and actually sat through three tornado warnings in North Dakota and Minnesota. The sublite was great. the only time I got wet was a couple of nights when I set up in a hurry in the rain and didnt stake it out correctly. The sublite was great though. Especially in the high winds and rains of the tornado warnings. It definitely kept me warm and dry. I'm taking in out again for a three week thousand mile solo trip. Cant wait. By the way, on my trip, we ran into quite a few other cyclists. Everyone was really impressed with the sublite, so hopefully you may be getting a few more orders. Thanks again.

Dave Orduno
Chico, CA

Hey Henry, I came back from hiking Longs Peak yesterday and wanted to let you know that this tent is solid.

The forecast was calling for 25-35mph steady winds with gusts near 60. I camped at the Boulderfield (12,400') and pitched the tent at the best angle to minimize the wind resistance...at that time. About 7:30pm, they wind direction shifted to the broad side of the tent, so I guyed out the wall to a large rock. Around 9pm the winds picked up and seemed to come at me from all directions, staying fierce all night. At times it almost felt like my sleeping pad was lifting off the ground, but the Rainbow held strong.

Thanks for building such a great product!

Rick Howell

Littleton, CO

I bought the Contrail from you last year and have now used it extensively including an 11 day trip along the North Boundary of Jasper National Park in Alberta. I wanted to take the time to write you and let you know how impressed I am. You have created a fantastic product that compares to any double wall free-standing tents I've used. It is also a third of the weight of any tent I have or have used. The 11 day trip where I used this tent had all sorts of weather including freezing nights (snow), rain, and wind. Me and my gear stayed dry and comfortable the entire time with loads of room left over inside. I'm also impressed with how small this tent folds up. I did find the tent a little difficult to setup at first but now have it down to under a minute. I still find it hard to setup on uneven terrain but have helped that by bringing along some extra rope and stakes to get creative in the setup. That being the only downside, this is one of the best backcountry tents I've ever used.

With that said, I'm also purchasing a Rainbow so that I can have a more free-standing tent in some of the tighter spots I camp at.

I wanted to thank you and the team for such a wonderful product and will recommend this tent to anyone I know.

Dan Ducholke
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

First and foremost, I would like to say that I spent many hours researching tents before making my Tarptent purchase. I traveled to many stores and was allowed to setup many tents.

In the end I purchased my Scarp 2 having never seen or setup the tent. My three main reasons were: 1. Weight, 2. mix tt-items and 3. It was made in the good ole USA. The third reason being maybe the most important to me!

I instantly set it up as soon as it was unpacked and, having briefly run through the included paper work, found it to be a no hassle setup.

I seam sealed the tent and then packed it way for my first trip, which was on January 20th 2012. A hike along the Ohlone Wilderness Trail in the East Bay area of the San Francisco Bay. The trail travels from Mission Peak in Fremont to Lake Del Valle in Livermore Ca.

Not hitting the trail head until 4pm on Friday night meant we would be camping just off Mission Peak that first night. This night would be the defining night for the whole trip. The sun soon set and as it did the weather quickly changed. Before my partner and I were to the backpackers camp site, the wind and rain were battering us so bad that we were leaning so far toward that had it not been for the wind we would have fallen on our faces. Less than this and we would of been blown over backwards. Upon reaching our site we quickly setup camp, even with the darkness, wind and rain the tent setup fairly easy. Had I lost my grip on it though it would quickly have blown away to be lost forever. I used the crossing poles for extra stability and they quickly proved their worth.

The tent was extremely stable and kept us completely dry in pouring rain that for the most part was sideways due to the extremely strong winds.

After the first night the rest of the trip was a cake walk. Upon returning home and checking the weather recording station on the next peak over, I found out that the wind speeds were 43.5 mph with gusts up to 54.7 mph.

Because of the first night, I am writing this review. I will never hesitate to recommend this American built product to anyone. If they decide to purchase another product then shame on them, because you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink.

I will soon be buying the single man version of this tent, the Scarp 1. Keep up the great work and Thank You for a great product.

Chris Hyde

Just returned from three weeks hiking in New Zealand with my new Moment tent.

Just wanted to say thank you for such an exceptionally well designed tent and offer some comments to people considering this Tarptent.

I spent ten nights in the tent in various weather: hot and cold; wet and dry; windy and calm, high humidity and low humidity.

The Moment is the easiest tent I have ever erected, and even on impractical locations I found I could achieve a very good pitch. On this point, the floor of the Tarptents far exceeded the durability and waterproofing that I expected.

For a shelter that weighs virtually nothing the interior space is very very large and long. My pack took up only half the vestibule which left the other half for easy access. One stormy night I was pitched in a wide open valley and found that the Moment handles gale force winds admirably and is not a noisy shelter to sleep in. Although possibly not required, I added two 1.5mm guy ropes most of the time, as I found the shelter moves from side to side in high winds.

I have found that once you have some experience with judging what the climatic conditions for the night might be, then it is easy to adjust the features of the Moment to suit.

The two most relevant considerations in the Moment are adjusting for protection against cold wind on the one hand and managing condensation on still nights on the other. Firstly, the height of the side walls can be lowered to block on the windward side and either side of the shelter allow you to build a low wall of clothing etc to block the reminder of the wind. On nights when condensation would be expected, I found that if you promote all the venting options that the Moment provides, then this is not an issue. On sites where there is no air circulation, I did find that condensation does become a problem.

For a tent of this type ( 1 person single skin ) I cannot find a single flaw in the design, but would add that the top cap on the peg/stakes pull off quite easily when trying to remove them from hard compacted ground. This could be remedied by riveting the cap to the peg/stake.

I also own the Scarp 1, which I plan only to use when the weather is colder.

You will be pleased to know Henry, that I would like to purchase a Sublite Sil for shorter trips when rain is not predicted.

Nick Beer

Melbourne, Australia

On Oct 13, 2010 I successfully completed my thru-hike of the PCT after 5 months on the trail!

Thank you for making an awesome tent in the form of my 1-man Rainbow! It was a home, a shelter, and a reliable comfort throughout my journey.


Tristan Oliver AKA Shake 'N Bake

My PCT website

Santa Barbara, CA

We couldn't have been more pleased with the Tarptent Rainshadow 2.

Although Tag-along and I slept in it more than 140 nights, this lightweight (43 ounce) single wall tent held up well and never let us down. That's in spite of the fact that 2009 AT hiking season broke east U.S. rainfall records.

The three-person design provided comfortable inside bug free space for both of us and all of our gear. With noseeum netting on both ends and along the lower sides, it is well-ventilated shelter. As a result, we had few issues with condensation.

Carrying a few small eyehook screws allowed us to easily set-up on tent platforms. We never found any need to carry a protective ground sheet.


Dane Ward

Rising Fawn, GA

Hi, my name is Colin

I recently purchased a rainbow.I followed your instructions for sealing the seams and took it with me on the Georgia section of the Appalachian trail.

The last night me and a friend were at Addis gap. About an hour after dark a thunderstorm hit hard. My friends tent was leaking bad [ not a tarptent product ] he quickly became soaked. Just when he believed things couldn't get worse the temperature dropped fast. He began to shake from cold uncontrollably. He then came over to my tent were I was dry and asleep. He asked if I had room for him. I replied yes and he dove in cold, wet and shaking. I gave him my dry shirt and rain suit to try and hold in his body heat. Then I tried to warm him with my body heat and sleeping bag. After about two hours we finally got him warm and the storm passed.

So I would highly recommend this unit to anybody looking for a lightweight, waterproof tent that two can use in an emergency. This is a great product and I am looking forward to using it a long time.

Colin Jenkins

My wife and I bought the Double Rainbow a while back and have used it now for over a year.

We live and do most of our hiking/backpacking in Alaska. Other than that we have also used it on a Pacific coast biking trip. Throughout all that we have put it through a lot of use and used it in almost every weather situation you can think of.

I have recommended this tent and company to everyone that I know and will continue to do so. For the weight, this tent can't be beat.

Nick Gillespie

Anchorage, Alaska

I just wanted you to know I took my tent out, for its first time, over the weekend. It worked fantastic!

I was never hot, nor did I have inadequate air in the tent, nor did I have condensation.

It rained and poured a good chunk of the weekend and had gusts of wind up to 50mph at times. We were camping on a hilltop of a forest line (360 view). The hill got almost a cloud-like fog. You could wave your hand in front of your and it would get totally covered in mist. The temp was 30s-low 40s until Sunday and we got to mid 70s and sunny...that's Ohio for ya.

My tent was dry and a great sanctuary from the elements when it came time to rest. Just what I was looking for.

Plenty of room in my Scarp 2 for a 6'2" 285lb man and all of my gear.

Also, my friends were envious of the fact I could flip my tent, air it out and then fold it down into my backpack in short order. I was packed ahead of everyone and used the extra time to them tear down.

You have a great product, and I love that it's made right here in good old USA. May your company grow leaps and bounds.


Dan Drake

Powell, OH

Just returned from a 3 day hike on the AT near Damascus, Va.

I'm happy to report my Rainbow performed flawlessly. It pitched easily, remained taut, and had no condensation inside despite occasional rain showers during the night. Temps were in the low 50's with little breeze except for when it was raining hardest. I'm amazed at how well the Rainbow vents and kept my dry.

I couldn't be happier with it especially after trying several other solo shelters, none of which were large enough for me and my gear and had severe condensation issues.

It's a solo hiker hotel and at 2 lbs 2oz it's so light I hardly knew I was carrying it.

Thanks for all the work you put into creating such a great solution for solo backpacking.

Charles Hill

Grayson, GA

I recently ordered a Sublite after having owned a Rainbow for a couple of years. The Rainbow's a great tent but the lure of an 18 oz tent was just too much to pass up. I couldn't be happier! On a recent backpack on one of the Grand Canyon's tougher routes, the Sublite proved to be extremely easy to set up, spacious (for my needs), and very very stable in high winds when camped on an exposed ridge as a cold front moved in. (In fact, my friend's Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight blew over - with twisted poles - the same night that I had the best sleep of our trip!) As much as I love my Rainbow, I definitely didn't miss carrying the extra pound on my back - not to mention the extra three or four pounds I would have carried had I used another manufacturer's tent!
Thanks for making such a super product!

John Melville
Baltimore, MD

I wanted to let you know that I had a chance to use my new Contrail this past weekend. I took a 3 day trip into the Pecos Wilderness located in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains north of Santa Fe, NM. I practiced the set-up and take down a few times at home, after seem sealing, and thought it was a breeze. However, it wasn't until I was setting up at the same time as my "tent friend" that I realized how easy it really was. I had it fully pitched before he had the pole in his tent. The next morning I had it back in my pack before he had his rain fly off. My buddy came down with a severe case of tarp envy. The Contrail is very convenient to use and has plenty of room to spare inside. I need the comfort of bug and critter protection, and can't imagine a better tent than the Contrail for the weight, volume, and ease of set-up. Also, the Pecos Wilderness is exceedingly muggy this time of year due to frequent and heavy thunderstorms. Nevertheless, I had zero condensation inside due to the great ventilation.

Thanks for the Contrail, it has really improved my backpacking experience.


Albuquerque, New Mexico

Just finished up Big Bend National Park outer mountain loop with the StratoSpire 2.

Loved the tent and was warm every night. Kept dry during a short rain. Great tent and very well built. I had lots of room for storage under the two vestibules.

Thanks Tarptent!

Matthew H.

Dear Henry,

I bought a Rainbow Tarptent last November and actually used it for the first time on December 1st.

Four of us went up a trail near Snoqualmie Pass, Wa. expecting 3" of snow overnight. What we got was actually closer to 5'! The Tarptent withstood the load!

This adventure turned into a 4 day rescue ordeal and we were in a pickle to put it mildly.

Everything we had was wet, all of our clothes, our bags, tents etc., we were cold, I got frostbite and eventually lost a toe.

The four of us survived in one 2-man tent while the Tarptent held all of our gear snug and secure. When we finally got rescued, my gear, along with the Tarptent was cached on the mountain.I considered this gear to be lost and a litter recovery mission at best.

Yesterday, 9 months later, my gear was recovered and the Tarptent had withstood this test of time on the mountain with no damage whatsoever. It was actually slept in for the second time last night and it is as new.

There is a slight mildew odor in the stuff sack from being packed wet for so long along with wet dirty clothes but was not noticeable when pitched. This was money well spent.

Thank you for making such a great product.

Chris Van Over

Marblemount, WA


I purchased a Rainshadow 2 tent a few months ago and I just want to tell you how thrilled I am with this tent. I have used it twice in the Montana Beartooth Wilderness and once in the South Dakota Black Elk Wilderness. It is easy to set up, easy to pack, has room for three with plenty of gear storage, and has a great vestibule design. The waterproofness of the silnylon is superb as I experienced on the last trip with my teenage son and daughter. I made the mistake of choosing a very attractive flat spot for pitching the tent that was also a low spot. We had an hard thunderstorm early that evening that resulted in at least 3/8" of standing water in places under the tent from runoff of the surrounding rocks and high ground. The amazing thing was the standing water did not penetrate the tent floor and we stayed completely dry! We joked about the "water bed" we were sleeping on until the water finally soaked into the ground after several hours.

I have owned several tents over the past 40 years but never one as water-proof or as well designed as the Rainshadow 2. It holds up great in high elevation (10,000 feet) winds, ventilates well (even in the mid-day sun!), provides good headroom (we sat up and played card games for 2 hours in the rain one evening), and the tent is spacious for three and incredibly luxurious for two. I also really like the flexible vestibule design that can be opened up for ventilation or closed in a few seconds for cool weather and rain. Combined with the ultra lightweight I don't think this tent can be beat for functionality at any price. Our backpacking trips this year have been more enjoyable thanks to the Rainshadow 2.

If I ever wear this tent out I will certainly purchase another one from you. Thank you for designing and manufacturing such a great tent.

Kind regards,

Frank Schaner
Billings, MT
I want to say thanks for the rainbow tent you sold to me: it's great! I used it on a 14 day bike trip in Morocco and liked it very much. It's amazing what value you provide for such a light tent. It's well-built, has good materials and some clever features. Thanks again!

I don't have a fancy photo of the tent that I can send to you, but more than one fancy memories of using it. Keep up the good work!

Dirk Bernhardt
Berlin, Germany
Hello-- I ordered a Contrail Tent from you guys last year in preparation for my thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail. At first the tent was on my list of gear with major issues to resolve. It leaked, through the screen around the floor, whenever it rained. I called it my "bathtub," and was extremely grateful to have my Thermarest as a floatation device. Because of my Thermarest, my sleeping bag stayed relatively dry.

Then I met a couple of guys on Avery Peak in the Saddleback Mountains, Maine. They fiddled with my tent showing me how to add guy lines, pulling the tent walls out, making them taut. We used rocks instead of stakes. They were puzzled with the way the line on the front, left side was attached. They thought the design bad. I contemplated taking that line apart and fiddling with it but I am a knuckle head and would no doubt make it even worse. After that, although it took extra time to set up, my tent improved with the extra guy-lines and I rode out some major thunderstorms.

Later, in Vermont, I hiked into camp and found that there were two other hikers with Tarp Tents! We could have made a nice advertisement for you. Sky Dog had a Contrail like mine and his was set up so beautifully I asked him to look at my tent. He noticed the left guy line was tied incorrectly and redid it. Since then the tent worked splendidly. My Contrail went off the gear issues list and onto my FAVORITE equipment list.

It took me 166 days to hike the entire AT from Maine to Georgia and my favorite nights were the nights I slept under the stars in my Contrail. I pitched it in the rain, on high peaks in the wind, brushy stealth spots along the trail and even in the snow. It is a palace of a little tent. Good Times! Thank you for a great product.


Birdy AKA

Karen Mansfield

I'd like to thank you for the outstanding customer service and the outstanding product that you put out. My wife and I thru-hiked from GA-ME this 07 season and could not have been happier with our choice to use the Double Rainbow. We battled many rainstorms and some seriously cold nights and hid from mosquitoes with stealth quality. We met plenty of other Tarptent owners and they couldn't have been happier with their nylon homes.
I've attached a picture of our tent in 100 mile wilderness in Maine. A beautiful sunrise after a thundery night. Congratulations to you all. You make a wonderful product and provide exceptional service. Best Regards,

Ron Gaulden
Charlotte. NC
I received my Contrail just a few weeks ago and had been dying to try it out. I finally got a chance on a weekend trip to Dolly Sods Wilderness in WV. It rained on us both nights, but my Contrail did a wonderful job shedding the water. Even when things got kinda windy my trusty little shelter held up to it and kept me and my gear bone dry. Thanks to the great ventilation in the Contrail I had hardly any condensation inside the walls.

I took the Contrail out again this past weekend on a four-day backpacking trip through Shenandoah National Park. It was great to have such a light shelter compared to the heavier ones my friends were lugging around. One of them actually admitted to having "tarp envy" because the Contrail was lighter AND roomier than his "ultralight" tent. I also appreciated the quick and easy set-up, which allowed me to help the others with their tents. The Contrail rocks! I can't wait to use it again.

Thanks again. Keep up the good work.

Jared Nudd
Laytonsville, MD
To the good folks at Tarptent.

The Rainbow worked well. In Northern Minnesota in the second week of May, we had snow, light rain, sleet, hail, and heavy rain during a five day hike on the Superior Hiking Trail. My dog and I stayed perfectly dry. A photo of the snow is attached. A well thought out tent in my opinion.

Craig Mueller, P.E.
Windom, MN

A month or so ago I ordered a Cloudburst 2 from you. I was the Jared who had his tent accidentally sent to a different Jared in idaho somewhere. You sent my tent up to Browning MT so I would have it time for my hike in Glacier. I wanted to let you know that I picked up as planned and it was beautiful. The first time I set it up was in the middle of Glacier National Park. It set up so fast and easy, I kept checking things over to make sure I had not forgot something. I'm an engineer by profession, and I must say I was thoroughly impressed with the design of your tarptents. Very stable, very light, strong stitches and the sewn in bathtub floor is a brilliant design. It was the first time I had even seen one of your tents in person and I was super glad I went with you. I've been telling everyone about your tents. Some of my friends are, I think, regretting their recent tent purchases with other companies after seeing mine.

Thanks again Henry. Much appreciated and much impressed. (by the way, thanks for seamsealing it for me too, we got a whole nights rain on our third night and stayed completely dry. The cloudburst 2 is brilliant. Sincerely, Jared Nelson (of Nebraska - not Idaho)

I used your Tarptent on both my PCT and CDT hikes. I just wanted to let you know that it served me well. It is a great tent that is easy to put up and take down, better than any tent I ever had. Thank you for an excellent product.

Best regards,

Cliff Hardin

AT '90- Pct '03-CDT '05
Just wanted to thank you for getting my order shipped so quickly! I set up my new Rainbow as soon as I got it. This is by far the best tent I have ever seen in any category of shelters. The pack size, weight & ease of set up are amazing! I am 110% satisfied.

Scott Aiken
Gray Court, SC
First let me thank your staff for turning my order around so quickly in time for me to actually get a chance to sleep in the Cloudburst 2. I have nothing but praise for this tarptent. It held it's own when the wind and rain started. I did follow the simple rule of pitching feet first into the wind. Simple enough.

I was relieved to find the front and rear extended beaks did in fact actually stop the rain and spray. Conditions were 20-25 mph winds and rain which fell sideways at times. My partner was in his Eureka Zephyr (1 man-3.4 lb) and when it came time for dinner and coffee he didn't have enough cover to enjoy himself or prepare his meal. Day three came to a close with us on an exposed ridge in a driving snow storm. I offered to share my home with my friend who makes a living flying fuel, people and various goodies around up in Alaska. Needless to say when dawn came next I found three inches of fresh snow above us and we both just marveled at your creation. Thank you again to you and your staff. Have a great Holiday and Merry Christmas to all.

Mike McMullen
White Bluff, TN

Just wanted to let you know I received my new Squall 2 on Thursday and headed out into the Superstition Wilderness, Friday afternoon for what I thought would be a gentle test run over the weekend.

As it turned out we encountered about 9 hours of non-stop rain that came down in every intensity from drizzle to torrential downpour, mostly the later and in every direction imaginable. I hadn't even seam sealed the seams yet, but the Squall 2 withstood both the intense rain and the wind keeping us dry and secure. It also housed both of us very comfortably along with our backpacks. I spend an awful lot of bag nights out there and this shelter truly impressed me. Keep up the good work.

Kent Struble
Mesa, AZ
I borrowed my buddy's Virga 2 for a trip down the Ozark Highlands Trail and  I cannot believe  how great this tent was. I have been minimalist camping  for almost 15 years and I have never felt  as spoiled as I was in your  tent. It was roomy and comfortable, condensation was not a problem and  the snow was not even a concern.

I am saving up right now to purchase the Squall 2 in about a month. My  girlfriend loves to camp  with me and it would be perfect for us. I am  planning my dream hike thru of the AT in '07 and  this is the tent I want with me.

I wanted to drop you a line and tell you how impressed I am with your  product. Simply fantastic  and I am looking forward to getting one of my  own!


Garvin Carrell
Rolla, MO

Have been meaning to get a note off to you about the Tarptent. Did receive it in time for the hike which was planned. Must say it is the best, will never get another tent. We were on Mount Rogers in Southwest Virginia, the storm came up during the night, it rained hard and harder, I in the meantime remained in the tent dry, while my hiking partner was battening the hatches, he had water everywhere in this tent, and was up drying everything, as he could between storms, I in the meantime was dry. I think this has changed my whole hiking experience. This is the first tent that I can say that I enjoy and will use, perhaps more so than a shelter. Fine product!

Dick Hostelley
Stanley, VA
Thanks for getting the Cloudburst here, it was great to have on the trip. I couldn't believe how much space it afforded for such little weight. We had terrible weather, which makes for good tent testing I guess. The Cloudburst kept me and my girlfriend dry in a torrential downpour that lasted all night. The rain was so hard that it would wake us up numerous times during the night. In addition I was fearful that the tent was going to blow away; but it impressed me more the longer the storm lasted. On the hike out we saw numerous trees that had been blown over during the storm, but your tent stayed right in place.

Thanks again for a great nights sleep in a terrible storm.

James Lyles
Bronx, NY

I completed my thru-hike of the PCT on August 3, 2003; it took 83 days. The tarptent worked perfectly. I did not get a drop of rain all summer but did get 5 inches of snow at Dick's Pass.  The tt withstood the snow :-) I don't know how it does in rain.

I used the Squall every night on the trail but one when I slept out. I was in a motel about 4 nights total. So, around 78 nights. I would often hike late and sometimes in the dark. I set the Squall up on rocks, bushes, at weird angles, etc. To be honest the floor should have ripped a dozen times. The flooring on the tt is bulletproof. If you saw the locations I setup in, you would have cringed ... I expected it to rip at least a dozen times. You must have given me kevlar but mistake.

[Ed: Congratulations to Ray for breaking the PCT speed record!]


Ray Greenlaw
Savannah, GA

I wanted to let you know how my Cloudburst tent fared on my recent 9 dayYosemite trek. The answer is GREAT. No problems whatsoever.  I did not get rained on during that period;  however, there had been a  torrential rain a few hours before my first night out. There was a lot of  drip from the trees onto the outside of the tent, but no water inside the  tent.

Although I usually camp with my son, this trip was solo, and the size and  headroom of the  Cloudburst were a real luxury. My 6'6" sleeping bag was  easily accommodated and I had plenty of room for all my gear. The large panel of mosquito netting at the front affords a nice view while still providing bug protection. And, the silnylon body diffuses the morning light beautifully.  When rolled up, the tent fit nicely into the side pocket of my GVPgear G5  tent. Also, I used the rear aluminum pole sections (which are wisely designed by you to be 20 inches in length) to stiffen my folded Thermarest Ultralite pad (also 20 inches in width), which I then used as the frame for the Gossamer G5 backpack.

Lastly, your customer service was spectacular. All my (many) questions and  concerns were answered along with many useful tips on ultralight  backpacking.

Best wishes for continued success.

Doctor Bob
Palo Alto, CA
Thanks a lot for getting the Tarptent to me in time for my class outing to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. It was a perfect weekend to test the Tarptent; it withstood rain, high winds, hail, sand, and mosquitoes. Not one drop of rain made it in, and there was absolutely no condensation! Everyone (including the instructor and myself) was very impressed with the design.

Thanks again.

Eric Salisbury
Eugene, OR
I bought a Virga from you last year for a cycling trip along the Great Divide Mountain Bike Trail that parallels the Continental Divide from Montana to Mexico. Fires postponed the trip until this year.  Everyone I met in the backcountry was amazed at the weight, design and performance of the Virga. Most thought that the bundle on the rear rack was the tent pole sack not the complete shelter. I had rain, cold, hail, wind, heat and lots of bugs. None bothered me at all.

I could not ask for better performance. Thank you.

Don Kolstad
Santa Barbara, CA
My sweet wife & I used the squall with pleasure as we hiked a week in BC  Canada with  thousands of feet elevation change every day, then kayaked for a  week, the squall our only  shelter. It was a real treat to have such a  lightweight, easy-to-pitch and elegant shelter that kept the bugs at bay  and kept us snug and dry in a rip-roaring thunder storm. And so light on the

Molto mahalos,

Dr. Jon-Pierre Michaud
Hilo, HI
My first use of the tarptent was last week on the Superior Hiking Trail. Report: NO  condensation with evening temps varying from 45-70 degrees; was dumped on from the heavens two times and stayed dry and snug as a bug; enjoyed the tent's light coloring allowing the sunlight to beam through in the mornings; quick and simplistic to set up and take down; wonderfully  lightweight.

Thank you for a superb product. It will be my companion on my AT thru hike next year.

Jan Matson
Rochester, MN
Wow. I just received my Tarptent. I have been researching tents for the past couple years. In an attempt to reduce pack weight, most of my hiking buddies have purchased single-wall mountaineering tents or small solo tents. None of them felt right—they felt like a compromise. I've tried tarps, but they didn't provide the bug protection I wanted.

In my mind I knew what I wanted, but I couldn't translate the desire into reality. I'm not sure how I found your website—it was quite by accident. Instantly I realized that this was what I wanted: Easy to set up, rain protection, bug protection, ultra-light, reasonably priced. So I ordered.

I must add—the Tarptent exceeded my expectations. I read the instruction sheet that came with the tarp and it only took me 2 min. 15 sec. to set it up the first time. I slept in it the last 2 nights just to test it out. I was really surprised at how much I like the color, the way it diffuses the light in the morning, gently rousing me from sleep. With the netting around the perimeter, I had no little buzzing sounds around my ears keeping me awake. I'm usually hiking solo, but I decided on the Squall since I like to bring my pack inside for the night. It's a perfect size.

Again thanks so much for the Tarptent. I'm glad someone was able to translate my desire into the perfect product.

Eric Bissey
Bourneville, OH
Thanks again for a great piece of design, compared with Golite tarps and nets it is way ahead.


Chris Knapton
United Kingdom
I have owned and tested many tents over the years but most were before my conversion to lightweight hiking. I still test shelters and prefer silnylon tarps to tents but missed some of the comforts of a tent. Well, that is until I purchased an early version Squall from Henry. There are other quality wannabee's for sure but haven't needed to test these. At this moment, the Squall Tarptent remains my favorite three season shelter. Period. For winter hikers, my favorite all season solo shelter is the Hilleberg Akto. Not bad company.

John Macri
Outdoor Gear Writer & Moderator for The Lightweight Backpacker

We took our brand new TarpTent into the Glacier Peak Wilderness area over Labor Day weekend. Sunny and about 80 degrees on Saturday. We camped at about 6300 feet, and set up the tent with a majestic view of the surrounding peaks. By 10 pm, it started raining, and then the wind came up. It rained all night until 10 the next morning, nonstop. (Fortunately I seam sealed the ridgeline twice. I saw a drop or two come in, but no big deal. I'll go over it once more just to make sure. ) The wind was fairly horrendous, quite often blowing so hard that the tent would get pushed down over my face. The wind blew from every direction, and every once in awhile rain would get blasted through the bug screen in front and burst into a million tiny misty droplets. What a refreshing way to wake up! We simply grinned at each other, safe in the knowledge that our TarpTent was holding up valiantly, and went back to sleep with the sound of wind and rain in our ears. Here is my review: That was for sure the best night I have ever had in the mountains. I was breathing fresh air, instead of stale tent fumes. I had a gorgeous view, unobscured by a drooping rain fly as is usually the case. I felt totally secure in the waterproofness of the tent. There was not a drop of condensation inside, which is a first also. The tent was wide enough that the rain rolled harmlessly off the side, a safe distance away from our Feathered Friends down bags. We did get the foot area of our bags a bit wet, due to the uncertain direction of the wind. We scooted away from the front a bit to avoid the rain blasts, and then the wind would drive the rain through the other end.

[Ed: the '03 Tarptents now have excellent rear storm protection]

We had to pack up our gear the next morning in the tent, as it was still raining outside. This was a little tricky due to the low roofline. The solution was to crawl down to the foot-end of the tent and watch the storm while my wife packed up. I felt like a little kid in a fort. The Tyvek ground sheet worked expertly, as I'm sure you already know. When it was time to pack the tent, everything else was already ready to go. The tent is so small, it can go anywhere in your pack, so there is no need to pack around it or make room for it. We just crawled out into the now dying rain, and popped the tent into a little duffel bag, and away it went into the top pocket of my pack.

We love the tent. 4 Stars. A+++, AAA, and all that. Thanks Henry. You revolutionized our hiking experience.


Ron and Erika Snyder
Wenatchee, WA
Your tent was the final piece in creating an 11 pound weekend pack and I wanted to see what I could do with it. A friend and I flew through the Alpine Lakes wilderness in Washingtons cascades, covering 45 miles of INCREDIBLE country with massive elevation gains as well- all in 47 hours! It was a crazy weekend and an incredible experience- moving through that much country was so invigorating and also showed me what I was truly capable of. As my buddy and I looked over our experience and the gear we had chosen, we both commented on just how wonderful your tent was to use. It went up easily, had much more room than either of my other 2 person tents, held up beautifully in strong winds one night, and packed down to nothing. It is really an engineering marvel and is now one of my favorite pieces of gear. Furthermore, I would choose this over one of my older favorite (North Face Slickrock) even when I WASNT going for ultralight. It was that easy and comfortable to use.

When I picked up the latest Backpacker and their selection of innovative ultralight tents, I just had to write a letter to them. What they selected I've used but your product is in a completely different league.

Thank you for your well thought-out and worked-through design- it is making my wilderness adventures that much more enjoyable.


Doug Johnson
Seattle, WA
The weekend after I placed my order I was hiking a local trail and met another fellow headed the opposite direction. We stopped and chatted for a few moments. We each noticed that we had versions of GoLite packs on our backs which prompted additional "light" backpacking conversation. I was just about to tell this fellow hiker that I had ordered one of your Tarptents when he excitedly blurted out, "I just recently received a Tarptent in the mail that I had ordered!" Of course I laughed and told him of my recent order. Again, excitedly, he asked,"would you like to see mine?" I don't think I had even responded yet and he had his pack off and was proudly presenting his new purchase. Up until that moment I had only researched your product and asked questions of others online (having become convinced that I had to have one); and was very eager to see it! Now, I'm even more excited! Hurry Henry Hurry!!! ha ha ha ....just kidding (kind of). :-)

Mike Askins
Aurora, OH

Just wanted to let you know that I received the tarptent and have allready had the pleasure of using it in Haleakala crater on Maui. Everything worked flawlessly and I can't tell you how amazing it was to carry a tent 25% of the weight and size of what I was used to.

Thanks so much!


Cary Young
Kula, HI
Got back from my JMT thru-hike and I just wanted to let you know that the Tarptent was superb. Pitched easily and provided excellent mosquitoe protection. My buddy, who had a regular Golite tarp was quite envious of my Tarptent.

Thanks again for the great product.


Tom Krizay
Reston, VA

We survived Shasta, barely. It's nothing I would ever recommend to anyone - a pile of loose rubble 14,000 feet high! The maiden voyage of my new Tarptent Squall was highly successful. My 6'2" brother and I shared it and never bumped shoulders. The floor-to-netting connection meant we could really spread out without us or our gear falling out of the tent, and the normal camping-grit coating the floor received eliminated any worries about excess slipperiness. The netting kept out bugs and even dust, while providing us with ventilation and a fine view of the moon rising over the flank of Shasta (when we woke up at 2 a.m. to begin the ordeal). The Squall provided more floor space than my old "ultralight" tent, at much much less packing volume and much much much less weight, and was the envy of all passers-by. Congratulations on a great design and precision construction, too!

Frank Cipriano
San Francisco, CA

I just completed the John Muir Trail. Your Tarptent Virga was perfect for this hike. At less than 20oz it was light and provided the security that I wanted.

Thanks for a great shelter.


Don Clark AKA Goose (2K AT thru-hiker)
Orange Park, FL
Just returned from a 6 day Emigrant Wilderness outing sponsored by the Sierra Club. We had a great time. The tent set up in under 90 seconds. The bugs were kept at bay and the netting kept me cool on several unexpectedly warm nights. What a tent. WE had to make sure we had our personal gear down to under 25 lbs because they were going to give us an extra 15 lbs of group gear. So with water one could conceivably be at 45 lbs. Ugghh! I weighed in at 15 lbs largely because of the Tarptent. So my carry weight was 35 lbs. and over the week got lighter and lighter. What I really like was that I could squash your tent down to the size of a softball. So my pack form was exceptionally compact and balanced. Most everyone else looked as if they were carrying the kitchen sink and they felt like it, too.

By the way, I think you are under priced for the quality of your tent. I saw several other tents on the web that were obviously knockoffs of yours priced in the $200 to $250 range. All the best and thanks again for making such a great tent!


Mitchell F. Keil, CFP
Fountain Valley, CA
I got it, and I set it up, and I must say, you have a brilliant design!! So lightweight, spacious, and easy to set up. WOW. Can't wait to take it on the trail!!

Jackie McDonnell
Overland Park, KS

Well, we had almost perfect weather for testing a tent! The first night had winds gusting to 45 mph, pouring rain, sleet, and a little wet snow! I stayed warm and dry except when one tent peg pulled out at about 2:30 am. I reset it and everything was fine. I used the two guy outs on the long sides just to be extra safe. I don't know if I really needed them, but I was glad for the extra margin of safety. Next night had a little rain and almost no wind. I got a little condensation inside the second night, but nothing too bad( a thin film, but no droplets). One big, sturdy (heavy) tent in our group blew down completely! I'm in love with this tent. Let me know when you are ready for production so I can start telling the world about your tent.

Thanks for all your help.


Mark Bartechko
Encinitas, CA