Exceptionally light with room for two + gear | Very fast, 4-stake setup | Excellent ventilation and storm resistance | Full bathtub flooring and bug-proof enclosure Interior storm flap and front vestibule close for privacy, storm protection, and gear space |Use your hiking poles (recommended) for setup or select optional 4 oz / 113 cm front pole and/or 1.25 oz / 36 g rear pole. The optional front pole is 0.49 in / 1.2 cm diameter tubing and nearly the stiffness of a standard trekking pole.


  • Sleeps: 2
  • Seasons: 3
  • Weight : 36 oz / 1 kg
  • Height : 47 in / 28 in ( 120 cm / 71 cm)
  • Floor Width : 52 in (132 cm)
  • Floor Length : 84 in / 213 cm
  • Stakes: 4 (included)
  • Packed size : 16 x 4 x 4 / 41 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm

Every Tarptent needs to be seam-sealed before use!

  • We offer seam-sealing kits ($6-$8) containing premix silicone, a foam brush, and a latex glove which can be ordered below in "Related Products."
  • An inexpensive product that we recommend is GE Silicone II clear sealer/glue. It is available as a squeeze tube in most US hardware stores or in our webstore.
  • We also offer seam-sealing as a servicePlease note that seam-sealing is weather dependent and ordering this service may add over a week to the wait time.

This shelter was designed to be used with trekking poles. For non-trekking pole users, we offer an optional 4 1/4 oz / 120 g pole for the front and 1.25-ounce pole for the rear.

Yes, it's very easy to remove the 16in aluminum top strut if you want to the stuff the rest of it. The ProTrail has no over internal structure and therefore can be "stuffed" into any compartment or pack. Alternately, it's even easier to just fold the fabric in half along the long axis and then on itself in thirds before rolling everything up around the strut.

  • From an overall design perspective, the key difference is along the rear edge where the MoTrail has an A-frame design compared to the arch pole design on the Squall 2. The MoTrail is designed for trekking pole users and requires no other poles. For non-trekkng poles users, we offer a 5.5 oz substitute set of poles.
  • It’s hard to appreciate how much roomier it is until you get in but the difference is noticeable especially with regard to sleeping width and direction. Not only does the floor fit two wide, long pads–the Squall 2 does not–but it’s quite feasible to sleep with your head at the low end as that end is 8 inches higher and the floor is 10 inches wider than it is on the Squall 2. That can be a nice thing when you’re sleeping next to someone who snores or whom otherwise you would rather not be sleeping face to face.
  • The MoTrail front mesh door has a circular zipper and makes it much easier for either occupant to get in and out his/her own side. The door also stores high and completely out of the way.
  • Vestibule space is dramatically larger and more protective.  It is now a real vestibule and no longer a beak with high edge.
  • Rear storm flap cuts off winds and windblown rain not otherwise possible in the Squall 2.
  • Rear floor edge lifter/protector prevents feet from rolling into a wall.
  • Much, much better bathtub and lower fly edge makes for no worries about sidewall splash.
  • Full perimeter can be lowered to ground if you need/want to suit conditions.
  • No worries about breaking the rear arch pole.
  • Packed size is shorter and smaller (16in compared to 18in on the Squall 2) and the top strut is much easier to take in out if you want to stuff it to whatever dimension you want.

Yes! Please refer to the How to seam-seal video to see the full procedure.

You have several options for seam-sealing your Tarptent which are available for purchase in our webstore:

  • We offer seam-sealing kits ($6-$8) containing premix silicone, a foam brush, and a latex glove in the webstore.
  • We also offer seam-sealing as a service. Please note that seam-sealing is weather dependent and ordering this service may add a few days to the wait time.
  • You should be able to buy the necessary materials for seam-sealing at your local hardware store. An inexpensive product that works well is GE Silicone II clear sealer/glue. It is available as a squeeze tube in most US hardware stores or in our webstore.
  • Every Tarptent comes with a stuff sack, aluminum stakes+stake bag and the necessary guyline cording. The ProTrail is designed for trekking poles but optional poles are available for purchase for non-trekking pole users.

    Yes, we use “no-see-um” netting which stops bugs quite a bit smaller than mosquitoes.

     Yes, the fabric is waterproof, however the seams of the shelter need to be seam-sealed.

     Use of a groundsheet depends on the conditions you expect to encounter and your style of camping. The sewn-in flooring is remarkably tough and does not usually require a separate groundsheet. We sell optional Tyvek groundsheets which are very tough and great for sleeping out or taking a break, but generally heavier than you need for floor protection on longer hikes, in most conditions. For use on very rocky ground and desert conditions where puncture wounds are possible, a groundsheet is recommended.

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