• Notch Li Mesh interior with Dyneema® floor

  • O-ring

  • RainbowRoost


    Gear loft for the Rainbow, Double Rainbow, and Double Rainbow Li.

  • (Blem) StratoSpire Li Fly


    Minor blem version of StratoSpire Li fly. Fully taped and waterproof, no performance difference, full warranty.

  • Double Rainbow Li Liner

  • Dipole 1 Li


    New for 2022, and made with Dyneema®, this tent is ideal for trekking pole users who want the ultimate lightweight and protection. 4-stake setup with guy line free entry and exit, it offers unparalleled usable volume and easily fits long, wide pads and tall people.

  • SideCar



    The SideCar adds a living compartment for kids and pets to any StratoSpire.

  • Dyneema Stake Bag

  • Pole Clip

  • Hogback Partial Solid Interior

    Hogback Partial Solid Interior

  • 18 in / 46cm Carbon Cross Strut Pole


    18 in / 46cm Carbon Cross Strut Pole

  • Tarptent Trail Hat


    Hats built by BOCO Gear