Please use the dropdown to select the kit best suited to your model.  Dyneema/Ultra TNT applies to the Tarptent Lithium and Ultra series.

Your Tarptent repair kit (total weight 1.2 oz) includes:

(2) #3 zipper sliders

(1) lineloc

(1) glove hook

(1) ladderloc

(2) emergency double-sided hooks

(3) 5” by 5” fabric squares  (and/or seam tape for Dyneema Lithium series tents).

(2) single use silicone packets

For instructions on how to replace a zipper slider, please see the zipper repair page.

In order to repair a tear in your tent’s fly or floor, cut a scrap slightly larger than the hole and glue to the damaged area using straight silicone from included packet. Carefully smooth silicone over the patch. This is a permanent repair!  Please note that silicone packets have an expected shelf life of two years from date of purchase.

Thanks for choosing to repair your tent!

NOTE: if you are hoping to repair the fly zipper sliders on your Cloudburst 3, Hogback interior and fly, Scarp, or StratoSpire, please add #5 zipper sliders to your order.