The patent-pending Dipole 2 Li is made with Dyneema® and offers unparalleled interior usable volume with sit-up and lie-down room for tall people and the longest, widest pads. It is ideal for trekking pole users who want the ultimate in lightweight, protection, and useable interior space.  Elegant and sturdy, the Dipole 2 Li will fit the confines of any pack and gives you the freedom, security, and comfort you want for a wide range of conditions.

Do you just need lots of room for solo use?  Have a look at the Dipole 1 Li.

Worried about condensation and/or want to add some warmth? Check out the clip-in liner. 

Dipole 2 Li


Want to save $50 off the regular price with no performance or weight difference and full warranty?

Your order includes:

  • Dipole 2 Li tent body, fully corded with apex guylines
  • Two 21″ foldable Easton® carbon fiber struts
  • Four 9” aluminum stakes
  • Tent Bag
  • Stake Bag