Cosmetic Blemish

Product will have up to 4 instances of a Dyneema blemish. Fully taped. No performance difference and full warranty applies. Dyneema is inherently irregular — the fiber weave is wiggly and it only becomes a potential structural problem when the distance between adjacent fibers approaches 1/8in. All the Dyneema blemish tents have one or more extra tape lines to account for these fiber gaps. The tape actually makes the fabric stronger than it would otherwise be and the “look” is really not that different given the presence of all the taping already present.

New for 2022 and our lightest double wall arch pole design, the patented Moment DW Li is the marriage of elegance, simplicity, and performance. Made with Dyneema®,  the Moment DW Li is up and ready for the elements in less than 1 minute. This is the best choice when comfort, quick set-up, and weather protection are your main priorities, especially if you don’t use trekking poles. See how the Moment DW Li versatility and ease of use can enhance your outdoor experience…we bet it will be your go-to tent for years to come.

Moment DW Li (Blem)


Your order includes:

  • Moment DW Li fly
  • Mesh or solid interior
  • Carbon fiber or aluminum arch pole
  • Two 9” aluminum stakes + Dyneema stake bag
  • Dyneema tent bag