One pound, one pole, infinite possibilities.  Single wall, single pole, and made with Dyneema®,  it packs to 14 in (36 cm) and is perfect for any minimalist adventure including thru-hiking, bikepacking, packrafting, and backpacking.

The patented Aeon Li features two fundamental design improvements over half-pyramid style shelters. First, the vertical back wall of the tent has a set of Tarptent’s PitchLoc™ foldable corners to increase the interior volume and storm strength of the tent while maintaining a minimal footprint. Second, the PitchLoc™ corners are implemented in combination with a structural awning to increase head/shoulder room and create static equilibrium so that both front doors can be completely rolled back without the need for a forward guyline.

Want double wall, double doors? Have a look at the Notch Li.

Want a single wall that packs to any dimension? Have a look at the ProTrail Li.



Want to save $75 with no performance or weight difference and full warranty?

Your order includes:

  • Fully enclosed Aeon Li shelter with integrated fly and floor
  • Six 6in aluminum stakes + Dyneema® stake bag
  • Dyneema® tent bag