About Tarptent

Tarptents are ultralight, mobile shelters that shed everything from flying bugs to summer snow. Elegant and airy, Tarptents set up virtually anywhere. Designed by and for the outdoor enthusiast, Tarptents keep you dry and sane no matter the elements. Made in the U.S.A and constructed of the lightest and highest quality materials available, Tarptents let you focus on the joy of the journey, not on the pain of getting there.

Tarptent office

Santa Cruz Mountains, CA

The first Tarptent was born in the spring of 1999. Then an 18-ounce solo shelter, now a battle-tested warrior, it's still going strong after 3,000 miles on the trail.

Since then, Tarptents have successfully traversed all 3 ultra-long distance U.S. trails--The Pacific Crest, Appalachian, and Continental Divide--as well as numerous other trails all over the world. Simple and efficient, the original Tarptent remains a classic. For you do-it-yourselfers, we're proud to offer the original Tarptent plans for free.

Fast forward to 2016. Our family of shelters is growing to meet your family. We offer models for one, two, three, and four. The designs feature trekking pole and arch pole support with side entry, front entry, single wall, hybrid double wall, and full double wall to suit a wide range of needs and conditions.

Tarptent office

The Tarptent office with a few Moments


Tarptents are also catenary cut so they shed wind and rain with aplomb. All Tarptents feature zippered entries, bathtub floors, and full insect protection.

Tarptent: because a shelter is a terrible thing to lug.

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