Double Moment


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Two person verson of the Moment DW. Total weight with 2 stakes is 52 ounces.

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Double wall, double side entrance with outstanding ventilation through sides, large ends and door vents. Storm flaps at ends can be left completely open in the rain.

End storm flaps provide full protection in blowing rain.


Supports replacing the end struts with vertical trekking or alternate poles. Doing that saves 4 ounces.


Dual vestibules with protected entries. Interior is inset from drip lines. Room for pack and more each side. Copious headroom and very spacious interior with no possibility of touching the fly. Accomodates people up to 7 feet (2.13 m) tall.

Large air gap between interior and fly. Solid fabric interior roof panel is water repellent.

Single stake tension system adusts to suit terrain and supports fly ends at low, middle, and high positions.

Ends struts are 34" but articulate inside the sleeves and fold to 18". Struts can be easily removed if desired for outside storage or if setup with trekking poles is prefered.