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Photo Gallery

Moment in Norway
Thomas Gauperaa

StratoSpire 2 in Bielavallda valley,
Sarek National Park, Sweden
Daniel Berg

Contrail and Rainbow on Bighorn Plateau
Sequoia National Park, CA
Jacob Montgomery

StratoSpire 2 in Monument Valley, AZ
Bill Ferris

Moment DW in the Brooks Range, Alaska
Kristin Gates
Across Alaska by foot and packraft- Brooks Range 2013

Notch near Cirque of the Towers, Wind River Range, WY
Wes Cline

Contrail in the High Uintah Wilderness, UT
Caleb Cross

Double Rainbow near Mt Rogers, Jefferson National Forest, VA
Duncan Memory

Cloudburst 3 near Cradle Mountain in Tasmania
Anthony Robertson

StratoSpire 2 on Horseshoe Mesa, Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
Dan Cherry

Squall 2 at Carhuacocha Lake, Cordillera Huayhuash, Peru
Jorge Risco

Notches in the Wind River Range, WY
Paul Huber

StratoSpire 1's near Cabane du Mont-Fort Switzerland
Sergey Nechayev

Double Rainbow near Ruby Lake, John Muir Wilderness, CA
Adam Collins

Contrail in Cajas National Park, Ecuador
Brandon Wu

Notch at Bullfrog Lake, John Muir Trail, CA
Brian Peel

StratoSpire 1 near Amethyst Lake, Jasper National Park, Canada
Josh Rizko

Rainbow on Hyalite Ridge, Gallatin Range, Montana
Bill Gilbert

Contrail on Pine Mountain Trail, Pine Mountain, GA
Charles Nichols

Cloudburst 3 along the Greenstone Track, South Island, New Zealand
Brian Cichelli

Scarp 1 in Snowdonia, North Wales, UK
Alan Bellis

Squall 2 near Mestia, Svaneti region of the high Cacasus, Georgia
Phillip Schnieder

Double Rainbow above Heart Lake, Olympic Mountains, WA
Tim Todd

Contrail at Precipitous Bluff, Southwest Tasmania
Thomas Hadley

Moment DW at Lyons Lake, Desolation Wilderness, CA
Alex Wallace

Notch near Quarry Gap Shelter, Appalachian Trail, PA
Scott Courtney

StratoSpire 1 at Tommy Lake, Wind River Range, WY
Michael Wainfeld

Sublite at Paradise Park, Mt Hood Wilderness, OR
Henry Shires

Cloudburst 3 in Grayson Highlands State Park, Virginia
William Branham

Scarp 1's at Peak District National Park, England
Geoff Gadsby

StratoSpire 2 at Joshua Tree National Park, CA
Shobhan Bhatt

Rainbow at Red Bar lookout, Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory, Central Australia
Jim Harker

Notch above Ennerdale in the Lake District national park, England

Geoff Gadsby

Three Double Rainbows and a Scarp 1 in the High Fens (Belgian Ardennes)
Marc Kevers

Pacific Tree Frog on Moment, Point Reyes National Seashore, CA
John Coyle

Rainbow on Cup and Saucer Hill near Mt Jagungal , Australian Alps

Michele Kohout

Hogback in Colorado
Chris Wilke

Double Rainbow near Iceberg Lake, Alaska
Tom Dewey

Squall 2 at 15,000 ft on the Santa Cruz Trail in Peru
John LeSassier

Scarp 1 along the TGO Challenge, Scotland
Ian Cotterill

StratoSpire 2 at Hopkins Prairie, Ocala National Fores, FL
Jim Ellis

Sublite in Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
John Kays

Double Rainbow in Chugach Mountains, Alaska
Stephen Rideout

Sulblite Sil on Everglades Coast, Florida
Daniel in New York

Scarp 2 on Crest Mountain, Vancouver Island, Canada
Jeff Ainge

Scarp 1's along Arrigetch Creek, Brooks Range, Alaska
Bill Stacy

Double Rainbow in winter, outskirts of Mt. Yatsugatake, Japan
Susumu Takanami

Cloudburst 2 on Clear Creek Trail, Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
Philip Wszolek

Moment near Aspen Meadow, Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA
Jack Elliott

Notch in Lapland
Roger Brown

Squall 2 on pilgrimage in Spain
Mark Veermans

Double Rainbow at Slab City, CA
Christian Maki

Sublite at Whitney Trail Camp, Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA
Kevin Hoggatt

Rainbow at Bacalar Lagoon, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Cass Gilbert

Notch in Indian Peaks Wilderness, CO
Harrison Carpenter

Moment in Wrangell / St Elias National Park, AK
Dean Myerson

Sublite Sil at Thousand Island Lake, Ansel Adams Wilderness, CA
Jim Schultz

Contrail and friend at Blue Lake, South San Juan Wilderness, CO
Jason Corbett

Double Rainbow on South Island, New Zealand
Michael Verner

Hogback near Cirque of the Towers, Wind River Range, WY
Bill & Sarah McCrory

Scarp 1 on winter tour, Germany
Matthias Nietruk

Scarp 2 near Moraine Lake with view of South Sister, OR
Amy Sullivan

Scarp 1 in Norway
Kjetil Knudsen

Double Rainbow on Mazama Ridge, Mt Rainier National Park, WA
Barbara Eller

Moment near Oslo, Norway
Thomas Gauperaa

Scarp 2 at Warrumbungle National Park in central New South Wales, Australia
Cameron Semple

Moment in Mt Rainier National Park, WA
Henry Shires

Scarp 1 in Lake District, UK
Martin Rye

Moment in El Hoyo Crater, Nicaragua
Mike Bellini

Rainshadow 2 high in the Carpathian Forest (Romania)
Lukas Klement
Double Rainbow on bicycle tour in Spain
Chris Lightfoot

Scarp 1 in northern province of Jämtland, Sweden
Roel Wijtmans

Double Rainbow along Pacific Crest Trail, CA
Aaron Echols
Moment along Florida Trail, FL
Ken Bennett

Squall 2 in Naltar Valley, Pakistan
Paul Darlow

Squall 2 in the Sierra Nevada, CA
Alan Dixon

Squall in Scotland
Roland Horth

Rainbow near Drakensburg Mountains,
South Africa
John Boulukos

Double Rainbow in Sarek National Park, Sweden
Justin West
Double Rainbow near Jerry Cabin Shelter on the Appalachian Trail, NC
Patrick Parker

Sublite in Ansel Adams Wilderness, CA
Laurie Dunn
Double Rainbow in the Tetons, WY
Jane Williams

Sublite Sil in Yosemite National Park, CA
Jim schultz
Contrail on GR20 in Corsica
Andrew Sharpe

Squall 2 in Glacier National Park, Canada
Ben Berry
Cloudburst near Arthur's Pass, South Island, New Zealand
Allison Miller

Contrail and mountain goat at 12,800' in the San Juan Mountains, CO
Will Rietveld
Double Rainbow in the Wind River Range, WY
Will Rietveld

Rainbow at Crater Lake National Park, OR
Warwick Marchant
Cloudburst in the Flat Tops Wilderness, CO
Larry & Denise Quinn

Rainbow and rainbows in Royal National Park, Australia
Nerida Hopkins
Double Rainbow and Cloudburst at Golden Lake, Beartooth Mountains, MT
Chad Merrell

Rainshadow 2 at Missouri Lakes, Holy Cross Wilderness, CO
Darren Steinke
Cloudburst 2 near Buffalo Head, Wind River Range, WY
Craig Doerfler

Squall 2's near Ophir Creek, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, AK
Bill Stacy
Rainbow on Superior Hiking Trail, MN
Craig Mueller

Squall 2 on Raura Ridge at 15,000' in the Andes Mountains, Peru
Jorge Risco
Contrail in Evolution Basin, Kings Canyon National Park, CA
Henry Shires

Squall on ridge off the Taylor Highway, AK
Josh Spice

Double Rainbow on rock ledge near Macbeth Icefield, West Kootenays, BC, Canada
Barry Hornal
Cloudburst 2 at
Mt. Everest Base Camp, Nepal
Kevin Barbour &
Allison Warren

A Ride for the Climate - A bicycle tour through the Americas to raise awareness of climate change.

Double Rainbow in Baja California, Mexico
David Kroodsma
Double Rainbow near Mazatlán, Mexico
David Kroodsma

Squall 2 in the Alps (Matterhorn in background)
Matt Jackson
Rainshadow 2 in Monument Valley, AZ
Agnes Gillot

Cloudburst at (very dry) Blackhorse Lake, MT
Mark & Kristin Simpson
Squall 2's in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, AK
Mike Paradis &
Bill Stacy

Squall 2 at Sapphire Lake, Sequoia National Park, CA
Cheryl Lowe
Cloudburst 2 on Mt. Whitney, CA
Greg Scholz

Squall on the Bighorn Plateau, Sequoia National Park, CA
Dean Misczynski
Virga on the Pacific Crest Trail near Elk Lake, OR
Brian Bowlsby

Squall, Virga, and Squall 2's on the Appalachian Trail at Iron Mountain Shelter, TN
George & Christine Wilson

Rainshadow in Spanish Cordillera Cantabrica
Inaki & Rosa
Virga above the Lillooet Icefields, British Columbia, Canada
Chris Nott

Virga in Big Bend National Park, TX
John Shannon
Cloudburst in Upper Basin, Kings Canyon National Park, CA
Trapper Robbins & Roxanne Everett

Squall at Mount Everest Base Camp -- 17,600 feet
Owen & Jennifer McCarty
Squall & Cloudburst in Grand Canyon, AZ
John Underwood

Cloudburst at Maroon Bells - Snowmass
Wilderness, CO
Patrick Sarnacke
Virga in French Pyrennées
Konrad Kowalczyk

Cloudburst on Cape Knivskjelodden, Norway--Latitude 71 Degrees
Patricia & Frank
Squall in Denali National Park, AK--Latitude 61 Degrees
Eric & April

Cloudburst in
North Cascades, WA
John Barnhardt
Virga in Darwin Canyon, CA
Jay Zimmerman

Squall at Sea Rim State Park, TX
John Goodman
Squall at Sea Rim State Park, TX
John Goodman

Squall in Black Mountains, NC
Jon Wells
Squall in Black Mountains, NC
Jon Wells

Squall in Spanish Sierra Nevada
Chris Knapton
Squall in Spanish Sierra Nevada
Chris Knapton

Virga at Virginia Lake, CA
Tom Krizay
Squall in the Spanish Pyrenees
Saskia Daru

Squall on the Colorado Trail, CO
Virga on Springer Mountain, GA
Matt Woodward

Squall in New Zealand
Roland Horth
Squall "Down Under" in New Zealand
Roland Horth

Squall in Blue Mountains, WA
Danya Mohr
Squall at Waugh Lake, CA
Kurt Roessler

Squall on the Continental Divide Trail, CO
Jarrod Gasper
Virga in the Never Summer Range, CO
Henry Shires


Squall on the Superior Hiking Trail, MN
Tom Jones
Squall in Cascades' snow storm, WA
Simon & Liz